How To Make Chick Fil A Lemonade? Ingredients/Recipe

Have you ever had a Chick Fil A lemonade? It’s one of the best things about summer. It’s refreshing, it’s made with fresh lemons, and it tastes like summer.

But what if you could make your own? On this page we’ll tell you how to make your very own batch of Chick Fil A lemonade.

Chick Fil A Lemonade was prepared by lemons, ice cubes and sweet/salt. On a table there are some lemons, lemon slices, lemon leaves and 2 glasses of lemonade. Lemonade is garnished with lemon slices and ice cubes.
Chick Fil A Lemonade was prepared by lemons, ice cubes and sweet/salt. On a table there are some lemons, lemon slices, lemon leaves and 2 glasses of lemonade. Lemonade is garnished with lemon slices and ice cubes.

How To Make Chick Fil A Lemonade? Ingredients/Recipe

Chick fil A lemonade is a delicious and refreshing drink that’s perfect for sipping on the beach, the park, or any other place where you’re enjoying the sunshine. But what makes it so special?

The secret ingredient is Chick fil A’s famous lemonade recipe. It consists of just two ingredients: lemons and sugar. You can make it in no time at all!


  • Fresh lemons, sliced and juiced
  • Lemon-lime flavored seltzer water (or a mix of both)
  • Sugar (optional)


  1. Pour lemons into a pitcher, then squeeze them with your hands to get all the juice out.
  2. Add seltzer water and stir until combined. If you want your lemonade to be sweeter, add sugar now—but be careful not to add too much!

What ingredients are needed to make Chick Fil A lemonade?

The ingredients needed to make Chick Fil A lemonade are:

  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 cup of fresh lemon juice

The lemonade is chilled to 35 degrees and served in a large frosted glass. It’s available in both the restaurant and drive-thru, but there are some differences between the two. The drive-thru version has a little less lemon juice than the restaurant version, so it’s a little sweeter.

How do I make a new flavor of Chick-fil-A lemonade?

Chick-fil-A lemonade is one of the best things on the planet. It’s tart, refreshing, and delicious—and it’s a great way to stay cool in the summer heat. But what if you want to try something new?

There are lots of ways to modify Chick-fil-A lemonade, but here are our favorite tips for making your own spin on this classic drink:

1) Add mint leaves or fresh berries to make a twist on a classic.

2) Increase the amount of water and decrease the amount of lemon juice for a smoother taste.

3) Use different types of lemons, like Meyer lemons or limes!

Is the sugar from artificial sweeteners or real sugar? Is it high fructose corn syrup? How much of each?

The sugar in Chick-fil-A Lemonade is real sugar.

It’s made with pure cane sugar, and it’s not high fructose corn syrup.

The total amount of sugar in a serving of Chick-fil-A Lemonade is 12 grams, which is about 4 teaspoons.

Is there a secret ingredient in Chick-fil-A lemonade?

The answer is no, but we can tell you about the other ingredients that go into this delicious drink.

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First, let’s talk about the water. It starts with filtered water from our own well. Then we add sugar and lemon juice—and that’s it! If you ever want to try making your own lemonade at home, that’s all you need to do.

Next, let’s talk about how Chick-fil-A lemonade actually got its name. The story goes like this: when our founder Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant in 1946, he had wanted to name it “Chick-a-Fil.” But since spelling doesn’t come naturally to him (he was dyslexic), he accidentally spelled it wrong on the sign outside—but everyone still knew what it meant! So he decided not to change it!

Does Chick-fil-A have a nonalcoholic version of their lemonade?

Chick-fil-A’s lemonade is a delicious and refreshing beverage, but it’s not always alcohol-free.

If you want to enjoy the refreshing taste of Chick-fil-A’s lemonade without the alcohol, you can order the nonalcoholic version of this drink at any location.

To get your hands on a nonalcoholic version of Chick-fil-A’s lemonade, just ask your server to make one for you. Since they’re made in batches, they’ll need to make sure there are no alcoholic versions sitting around before making yours.

There are also some locations that offer a premixed version of their lemonade that comes in bottles or cans so that customers don’t have to wait for it to be freshly made in order to enjoy it.


How do I make Chick-Fil-A lemonade?

The first step to making Chick-Fil-A lemonade is finding a Chick-Fil-A. Once you find one, go on in and ask for their lemonade recipe. If they don’t give it to you, ask again, but louder and more assertively. After that, all you need is lemons and sugar! Mix the two together until it’s enough for a pitcher full of lemonade. Then add ice cubes until the pitcher has been filled with water and then enjoy!

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What kind of lemons should I use?

You can use any kind of lemons as long as they’re fresh and not rotten (which would make the whole thing taste bad). You can also use other fruit like limes or oranges if you want some variety!

How much sugar should I put in my Chick Fil A Lemonade?

You can put as much sugar as you’d like in your own personal mixture—but remember that too much will make your drink taste bitter! Use your own discretion when adding this ingredient.

What is the recipe for Chick Fil A Lemonade?

Chick Fil A Lemonade is made with a lemonade base, and then you add your choice of sweetener. The most common sweeteners are sugar or honey. It can also be made without any sweetener at all.

What is Chick Fil A Lemonade?

Chick Fil A Lemonade is a lemon-flavored soda that originated in Chick-fil-A restaurants in the late 1960s. It is still available as of 2019, but it’s not as widely distributed as it once was.

What is the calorie count of Chick-fil-A lemonade?

There are 60 calories in 8 ounces of Chick-fil-A lemonade. That’s the same number of calories you’d find in two medium sized apples, or three large strawberries.

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