Does Costco Send Text Messages?(Account, Benefits, Coupon Codes)

You might know that Costco offers a free text message service for members who want to know about new items as soon as they’re on the store floor. But do they actually send text messages? Yes! However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using this service, especially if you’ve opted out of TV commercials.

Why Costco Sends Text Messages To Customers After Making A Return ?

Costco sends text messages to customers after making a return. The purpose of the text message is to make sure that the customer did not get charged twice for their return.

Costco has been sending out text messages to customers who make returns at its stores in order to confirm that they are charged correctly. The company says that this practice is part of an effort to improve customer service, but some people are worried about privacy issues.

How To Receive Costco Coupon Codes By Text Messages?

The first way is to sign up and opt-in for their mobile text alerts. This can be done on a desktop computer or any mobile phone device.

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The second way is to download the Costco app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded it, open the app and go through the set-up process (which takes about 10 seconds). Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll receive a text message saying that you’re ready to get coupons!

How To Get Free Samples At Costco By Texting? Easiest Way For Costco Free Samples

  • Step 1: Text “SAMPLE” to 47796
  • Step 2: Select your location (you can also select multiple locations) and confirm your selections by entering your zip code in a separate box that pops up on your screen
  • Step 3: You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a Costco membership if you do not have one already.

This is one of the easiest ways to get free samples from Costco without having to go into their stores!

How Does Costco Send Text Messages During A Membership Expiration?

Costco sends text messages during a membership expiration so that members know exactly what they have left in their current plan. This helps members avoid any service interruptions with their membership card. If you don’t receive these reminders, it could lead to loss of services and potentially missing out on deals like discounted rates for additional family memberships or renewing before the end of the month gets too expensive.

Do I Need To Create An Account For Text Messaging From Costco?

Costco offers several ways to receive coupon codes by text message. You can sign up for text alerts through your Costco membership website or through the Costco app. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one online and then sign up for text alerts in just a few minutes.

How to create a Costco account:

Go to the Costco website and click “Log In” in the upper-right corner of the page.

Enter your email address and password, then click “Sign In.” If you don’t have an account yet, click “Create Account” first. Fill out all required fields on the registration form with accurate information, then click “Create Account.”

How to sign up for text alerts:

In your Costco account dashboard, click “My Alerts” under “My Account.” Scroll down until you see “Text Alerts,” then select either “Text Offers” or “Weekly Coupons.” The former sends you coupons on certain days throughout the week while the latter will send them every Friday with special deals


Costco has been sending out text messages to customers who make returns at its stores in order to confirm that they are charged correctly. The company says that this practice is part of an effort to improve customer service.

FAQ’s About Does Costco Send Text Messages?

What is Costco Text Message Alerts?

Costco Text Message Alerts is a free service that gives members access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. Members can opt in to receive text messages from Costco. These messages are sent by our mobile messaging vendor, Mobile Messenger.

Who can sign up for Costco Text Message Alerts?

Costco members who are 18 years of age or older can sign up for this service. The following memberships qualify for the service:
Gold Star Membership
Business Gold Star Membership
Executive Membership (except Business Executive)

How do I sign up for Costco Text Message Alerts?

To sign up for text alerts at Costco, simply visit or call us at 1-800-774-2678 and we’ll walk you through the registration process.

How do I set up my account to receive Costco text messages?
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You can opt in by clicking the box next to “Enable Text Alerts” when registering for a Costco membership. You can also update your preferences later by logging into your account, scrolling down and clicking on “My Account Settings” under “My Info.” From there, you can choose to receive text alerts for specific departments or categories or turn them off altogether.

Can I stop receiving messages at any time?

Yes! If you no longer want to receive text alerts, simply log into your account from within the app and uncheck the box next to “Enable Text Alerts.” This will disable all future texts from Costco as well as any existing ones that may have been sent prior to turning off this feature.

What are the benefits of Costco Text Messages?

With the Costco text messages benefit, you can receive weekly text messages with coupons and promotions for products in your local store.

What information will I receive via text during my shopping trip?

We send out a variety of messages, including product alerts, event notifications, brand news and more. If you don’t see a text message from us in your inbox, check your spam filter or junk folder — some carriers may be filtering our messages as spam or junk mail.

How often will I receive texts from Costco?

We’ll send you up to 6 per month, but that number may increase depending on what promotions we have going on at that time. You can opt out at any time by texting STOP COSTCO to 38470 (COST).

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