Does Wendy’s Serve Lemonade? – (Types Of, Flavor, Cost, FAQ’s)

Wendy’s has been serving up delicious burgers and fries since 1969. Nowadays, that menu includes some new drinks for your next trip to the drive-thru—lemonade! In this article, we’ll take a look at the three different types of lemonade available at Wendy’s. We’ll also discuss the different flavors of each so you can find one that suits your tastes perfectly.

Does Wendy’s Have Lemonade

Does Wendy’s Have Lemonade? – (Types Of, Flavor, Cost, FAQ’s)

Wendy’s is a fast food restaurant chain founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. The company currently has more than 6,000 locations worldwide and serves around 2 million customers every day.

Wendy’s does offer lemonade, but it’s not their most popular drink. They do have fountain items for sale, but they’re not as well-known for their lemonade as they are for their Frosties and sweet tea.

The company’s signature item is their hamburgers. Equally popular are their spicy chicken sandwiches and French fries.

In addition to burgers and fries, Wendy’s also serves milkshakes, salads, chicken nuggets, breakfast items (including biscuits), chili dogs, chili cheese fries, and more.

They also offer a wide range of beverages including iced tea, lemonade (both regular and diet), milk (both whole milk and chocolate milk), coffee drinks made with either whole or skim milk as well as sweetened or unsweetened creamers.

Does Wendy’s Have a Lemonade Menu?

If you’re wondering whether Wendy’s has a lemonade menu, the answer is yes! In fact, Wendy’s offers a variety of lemonades that can be found at participating locations.

The original lemonade at Wendy’s is made with fresh-squeezed lemons and real cane sugar. This traditional lemonade is available in both 12-ounce or 21-ounce sizes. It also comes in seasonal flavors like mango and strawberry during the spring and summer months, respectively.

You can also find smoothies made with fresh-squeezed fruit juices such as orange, strawberry and peach at some locations. There are also frozen lemonades available year-round in Strawberry Watermelon or Strawberry Grapefruit flavors.

How Many Types Of Lemonade Does Wendy’s Have?

Wendy’s has a few different lemonades on the menu, but we’ll give you the rundown of what they are and how to order them.

Wendy’s offers two types of lemonade: frozen and fountain.

The frozen lemonade is a mix of sweetened lemon juice, water, and sugar. It comes in 16 oz. or 24 oz. sizes and is served with a straw—no lid required! You can also get it blended with ice or without ice.

Fountain lemonade is similar to the frozen variety, but instead of being mixed together in a blender, it’s poured into your cup from a dispenser using just water and sugar syrup (rather than being mixed with ice). It’s served with a lid so you can take it on the go without worrying about spills!

Fountain lemonade comes in two sizes—16 oz. or 24 oz.—and both have zero calories if you order no-sugar-added varieties (they’ll be labeled as such on the menu).

What Is the Best Lemonade Flavor At Wendy’s?

The best lemonade flavor at Wendy’s is the classic, no-frills original. It’s tangy and sweet, but not too sweet. It’s great on its own or mixed with a little ice and water, but it also pairs well with any of their other menu items.

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The classic version is definitely the most popular with customers—they sell more than 20 million cups of it per year! But if you’re looking for something a little different, there are a few other flavors available too:

Lemonade Frosty: This is basically a frosty made with lemonade instead of vanilla soft serve. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you want something cool but don’t want to go for ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Lemonade Iced Tea: This is my personal favorite! It has an extra strong taste of tea that makes it really refreshing on hot days or after a long workout at the gym.

Does Wendy’s Have Lemonade with Sugar Free Syrup?

Wendy’s has a delicious lemonade that is made with sugar-free syrup. The lemonade comes in sizes of 16 ounces and 32 ounces. The syrup is made from Splenda, so it’s low in calories and carbs. You can get this drink in both the drive-thru and inside the restaurant.

The lemonade at Wendy’s has been a favorite for years because it tastes great and is convenient to get on the go if you’re driving through or stopping by before work or school. The lemonade also has plenty of antioxidants which can help keep your immune system healthy throughout the year!

How Much Does a Lemonade Cost at Wendy’s?

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to cool off with, Wendy’s has got you covered. They have lemonade in several flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry and Lime Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, and Raspberry Limeade.

The price of the drinks varies based on size and flavor. The smallest size is 16 oz., which costs $1.29. The medium size is 24 oz., which costs $1.59; the large size is 32 oz., which costs $1.79; and the extra-large size is 44 oz., which costs $2.09.

There are also other benefits to ordering your drink at Wendy’s: if you buy a large or extra-large drink during breakfast hours (6am-10am), it comes with a free breakfast sandwich!

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What Is The Deal With Wendy’s Lemonade?

Wendy’s is a fast food chain that offers both burgers and salads. While many people know Wendy’s for its burgers, they also have a great selection of salads. The restaurant is called “Wendy’s” after founder Dave Thomas’ daughter.

Many customers enjoy going to Wendy’s to get their favorite burger or salad, but there are some who want something more than just a regular meal. For those customers, Wendy’s has an answer: their lemonade.

FAQ’s About Does Wendy’s Have Lemonade

How many calories are in a lemonade from Wendy’s?

A small has 140 calories. A medium has 200 calories and a large has 290 calories.

What flavors of lemonade do they have at Wendy’s?

They offer three flavors: original, strawberry, and cherry!

Where can I find it?

You can find all of our lemonades at the self-serve drink station in every Wendy’s restaurant. Just look for the big machine with the red spigot on it!

How much does it cost?

Our classic lemonade costs $1.00, while our cherry lemonade costs $1.25.

Is Wendy’s still serving lemonade?

Yes! You can find it at your local Wendy’s—just ask for it at the counter.

How do I find out where Wendy’s is serving lemonade?

Check our website or follow us on social media to see if there are any new locations that are serving it near you!

Is the lemonade at Wendy’s made with real lemons?

Yes! The lemonade at Wendy’s is made with real lemons. The juice is squeezed fresh every day by our crew members right in the restaurant, so you can be sure it’s always fresh and delicious.

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