Do Kirkland Lenses Come In Different Shapes (Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Price)

Kirkland Lenses are a great alternative to the expensive and brand name contact lenses. They’re a great deal and will save you money. The lenses are of high quality and have great reviews. Kirkland Signature is a brand of eyeglasses and contact lenses that are available at Costco Wholesale Corporation.

Who Makes Kirkland Lenses? How Do You Get Them?

Kirkland Lenses are a popular brand of contact lenses that are available at Costco. They are made by CooperVision, a major contact lens manufacturer that has been around for decades.

The Kirkland Lenses brand name is a premium line of multifocal contact lenses that can be purchased at Costco stores and online. These lenses include several different types, including daily wear and extended wear contacts. The lenses are FDA approved and have been shown to be safe for use with the eyes.

What Is The Cost Of Kirkland Lenses? Can I Order From Online?

The cost of Kirkland lenses is very affordable, and you can order them online. The price of the lenses is around $26 to $75. If you order them online, they will be delivered to your doorsteps within 7 days. You need to visit the official website of Costco to place an order for these lenses.

The customer service representatives will assist you with all your queries related to the product, including installation, cleaning and any other issues that you may face with these lenses.

Do Kirkland Lenses Come In Different Shapes And Sizes?

Kirkland lenses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They offer the same quality as other name brand contact lenses. The only difference is the price.

There are two main types of lenses: soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP). Both types are available in monofocal or multifocal designs. Monofocal lenses help people see clearly at all distances while multifocal lenses provide better near vision than far vision.

Soft contact lenses have a water content of at least 55% and are made from silicone hydrogels that let oxygen pass through them to the cornea. They are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts because they’re less likely to cause dry eyes.

Rigid gas permeable contacts have a water content of less than 50%, which makes them more durable than soft lenses but less comfortable. They’re ideal for people who want to wear their contacts every day because they don’t need to be removed each night like soft lenses do.

Do Kirkland Lenses Come In Different Colors? What Do They Look Like?

Kirkland Lenses come in a variety of colors and styles. They are available in a range of shades, including:

  • brown
  • gray
  • green
  • brown blue
  • blue
  • hazel
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Kirkland Lenses are also available in different styles, including:

  • rimless glasses (also called full frame)
  • semi rimmed glasses (also called semi rimless)
  • rimmed glasses (also called half frame)

What Are The Benefits Of Kirkland Lenses? Are They Prescription?

Kirkland is a great brand for those who do not have insurance or who cannot afford their prescription contacts, but still want to wear contacts on a daily basis. They offer many benefits that make them an excellent choice for most people who need contacts:

Very affordableKirkland Lenses are some of the most affordable contact lenses on the market today. This is especially true when you consider how long they last compared to other brands of contacts.

High qualityKirkland Lenses are made with FDA approved materials and are ISO certified by JISQ9001:2000 standard, which means they meet all requirements for medical devices set by the FDA and other countries around the world.

PrescriptionKirkland Lenses are not only affordable but also come in many different prescriptions that range from 0-20 diopters, including some multifocal options as well!


Kirkland Signature is a brand sold at Costco. They are known for their low prices and quality products. They offer a large variety of lenses, including prescription and non-prescription glasses and contact lenses.

FAQ’s About Who Makes Kirkland Lenses?

What is the difference between a contact lens and an eye exam?

A contact lens is a small, thin piece of tinted plastic that fits over your iris (the colored part of your eye) to correct vision. An eye exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and overall health.

How often should I replace my contacts?

We recommend replacing your contacts every 4 months because it takes about 3 months for them to become unhealthy due to natural body secretions like mucus and tears as well as wear and tear from daily use.

Can I order contact lenses online?

Yes! We offer a wide selection of contact lenses and glasses that can be purchased online and shipped directly to your front door.

Are Kirkland Lenses safe?

Yes! We use only FDA approved silicone hydrogels that are Bausch & Lomb Acuvue brand. The FDA has tested all of these products to ensure they conform to stringent standards and guidelines set forth by the agency.

How often do I need to replace my lenses?

The life span of your lenses will vary depending on how well you care for them. To maximize their lifespan, we recommend wearing your new contacts for at least 30 minutes before removing them from their packaging for the first time.

Do these lenses have UV protection?

Yes! These lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and ensure that you see clearly all day long.

What if I accidentally lose an eye patch? Can I still use these?

You can definitely still use your contacts even if one of the protective shields comes off!.

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