Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food For Costco? (Quality, Benefits, Price, Ingredients)

Kirkland pet food was first introduced in 1995 by Costco. The company wanted to offer its customers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to other pet foods on the market. To do this, they partnered with Diamond Pet Foods.

Why Is Kirkland Dog Food a Popular Choice?

Kirkland dog food is a popular choice for many people. There are many different reasons why this is. Some of these reasons are:

  • It is affordable
  • It has high quality ingredients
  • It comes in a wide variety of flavors and formulas
  • It can be found at most pet stores and supermarkets
  • It comes in large bags that last longer than other brands

Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food? A Brief History of Kirkland Pet Food?

Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food? A Brief History of Kirkland Pet Food?

Kirkland pet food is a brand of dog food and cat food made by Costco. It was first introduced in 1983, and it has been a hit ever since. The manufactured foods are available in stores and online, as well as in bulk quantities. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Kirkland pet food products that are sold worldwide.

The original facility that produces Kirkland pet food is located in South Bend, Indiana; however, there are other facilities around the world that produce different products. The company is owned by Mars Incorporated and is one of the largest manufacturers of private label products for grocery stores across the United States and Europe.

Where Do the Ingredients Come From in Kirkland’s Dog Food?

The ingredients used in Kirkland dog food vary depending on which product you choose. For example, while all varieties contain meat as their first ingredient, some also contain grains and vegetables while others don’t have any added grains or vegetables at all (though they will still contain naturally occurring fiber). However, all varieties have been formulated to meet AAFCO standards for nutritional value (this means they provide your dog with enough protein and vitamins).

Where Does Kirkland Source Its Dog Food From?

Kirkland Signature has one of the most diverse ingredient lists in the pet food industry. It sources its products from countries all over the world, including:

United States: This includes meat sourced from Nebraska, Ohio and Texas. It also includes ingredients like wheat grown in Kansas and soybeans grown in Minnesota.

Canada: Many Canadian farmers grow grains for use in pet foods, including barley from Saskatchewan and wheat from Manitoba.

Brazil: Brazil is known for its pork production, which makes it a great place to source meat for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to other kinds of meat such as chicken or beef.

New Zealand: New Zealand has been producing lamb since the mid-1800s when sheep were first introduced to the country by European settlers. Today about two million sheep live on farms across New Zealand, many of which are located on large industrial farms that employ modern technology such as artificial insemination machines.


Kirkland Dog Food is a premium pet food line that is sold exclusively through Costco stores. It is sold in the pet departments of Costco stores and online. The Kirkland brand makes a range of foods for dogs and cats, including dry food and canned food.

FAQ’s About Kirkland Dog Food For Costco

Does Kirkland Dog Food For Costco have grain free dog food?

Yes, Kirkland Dog Food For Costco provides several grain free options.

Is the Kirkland Dog Food For Costco brand good?

Yes, Kirkland Dog Food For Costco is a well-known name in pet food and has been around for years.

Are there any Kirkland Dog Food For Costco recalls?

No, there are no current recalls on any of their products or ingredients.

How much does Kirkland dog food cost?

Kirkland Signature dog food has two different formulas: one for small dogs, and one for large dogs. The small-dog formula costs $37.99 for a 40-pound bag, while the large-dog formula costs $37.99 for 40 pounds.

Is Kirkland Signature pet food good quality?

Yes! Costco prides itself on selling high-quality products at low prices.

Is Kirkland dog food safe?

Yes, Kirkland is a safe, nutritious and affordable dog food brand.

Is Kirkland dog food good for puppies?

Yes, it is great for your puppies because it contains all the essential nutrients that they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Where can I buy Kirkland dog food?

You can easily find it at Costco. The company sells them in bulk and at discounted prices.

What are some of the benefits of feeding Kirkland Dog Food to my dogs?

The benefits include low fat content and no artificial colors or flavors. It also has high-quality protein content which helps build muscles and maintain lean weight.

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