What Types Of Kirkland Batteries Costco Carries? (Warranty, Price, Quality)

Kirkland Signature batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power for your electronic devices such as flashlights, radios and toys. They’re also ideal for use in emergency kits or for camping trips. They come in a variety of sizes, and they are generally less expensive than other brands of batteries.

Who Makes Kirkland Batteries? Are They A Good Value For The Money?

Kirkland Batteries are a great value, and they’re available at Costco locations. Kirkland Signature batteries are manufactured by Duracell, which is known for its high-quality batteries. Duracell is an American company that manufactures products used around the world, including alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries.

How Much Do Kirkland Batteries Cost? Do You Get A Warranty With Your Purchase?

The price of Kirkland batteries varies by size, type and manufacturer. For example, a 12-volt, 1.25-amp battery costs $6.49, while a 6-volt, 15-amp battery costs $9.99. Each battery comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and failure due to normal use.

Kirkland Signature batteries offer a one-year warranty, which is better than what you’ll get on most other brands. The warranty also covers any Kirkland Signature batteries that you buy in stores. However, if you buy them online, they only offer a 90-day warranty.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Kirkland Batteries?

Pros of Kirkland Batteries

Cost – The main reason people choose Kirkland batteries is cost. They are less expensive than name brand batteries, so if you want to save money on batteries, then Kirkland is the way to go.

Durability Another great thing about Kirkland Batteries is that they tend to last longer than other brands. You can expect them to last two to three years, which is pretty impressive considering how quickly many other brands wear out after just one year.

Availability Most grocery stores carry Kirkland Batteries in addition to Costco and Sam’s Club locations where they are found in bulk packs at very affordable prices.

Cons of Kirkland Batteries

The only problem with Kirkland Batteries is that they do not last as long as their more expensive counterparts. In most cases, a set of Kirkland Batteries will run out of power before you get to use them twice. This is not such a big deal if you are using them in something like an alarm clock or a radio, but it can be problematic if you need the batteries for other things like flashlights or toys for children.

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What Is The Best Way To Store Kirkland Batteries? How Long Do They Last?

Batteries should always be kept cool and dry. If they aren’t stored in a dry place, they can corrode much more quickly than if they were stored correctly. If you don’t have an air-conditioned area for storing your batteries, make sure that the area is well ventilated with fresh air.

You should also avoid storing them near any kind of moisture or water source since this will cause corrosion on their outer casing as well as inside the battery itself.

What Are The Types Of Kirkland Batteries Costco Carries?

The store also carries a selection of Kirkland Signature batteries, which are made by Duracell and sold under the Kirkland Signature brand.

There are several types of Kirkland batteries that you can purchase at Costco:

  • Kirkland Signature AA Batteries
  • Kirkland Signature AAA Batteries
  • Kirkland Signature C Batteries
  • Kirkland Signature D Batteries


Kirkland Signature Batteries are always a great choice for your home and family. Since they’re made by Duracell, you know that they’re made to last. They come in many sizes and voltages so you can find the right one for your device.

FAQ’s About Who Makes Kirkland Batteries?

How many times can I charge my Kirkland batteries?

We recommend charging your Kirkland batteries for 1-2 hours (4-8 hours for NiCad) when you first receive your product. After that, you can use the charger as needed, but we recommend it mainly as a backup if you have to go out of town or lose power.

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Can I charge my Kirkland batteries with other chargers?

The Kirkland Charger is designed specifically for use with our Kirkland batteries and will charge them in a safe and efficient manner. Other chargers may damage your battery, so we strongly recommend that you only use our chargers with our products.

Are Kirkland Batteries made by Duracell?

Kirkland Signature batteries are manufactured by Duracell, which is known for its high-quality batteries.

Can I use Kirkland Batteries in my camera?

Yes, you can use them in your camera or other devices that require AA batteries.

Are Kirkland Batteries good quality?

Yes, they are great quality and a great value for the price.

What do the different colors mean on the package?

The color of each pack of batteries indicates how long the battery lasts out of 100 charges compared to an Energizer Max battery. Blue is 80-89% as long; Red is 70-79% as long; Yellow is 60-69% as long; Green is 50-59% as long; Purple is 40-49% as long; White is 30-39% as long; Black is 20-29% as long; Brown is 10-19% as long; Light gray is 0%-9%.

What’s the difference between Kirkland Signature™ batteries and other batteries?

Kirkland Signature™ batteries are made with high-quality materials, including an innovative design that delivers maximum power. Our batteries also feature a longer life cycle than most other brands.

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