Walmart International Strategy (What, Markets, Business, FAQ’s)

Walmart International is a unique business in that it operates on a global level, yet still has a strong focus on the American consumer. Walmart has been able to achieve this by focusing on key growth markets and developing local strategies. This strategy has allowed Walmart to expand rapidly while still maintaining their core values and brand image. Here Queryreview will discuss about Walmart International Strategy.

Walmart International Strategy discussed by three employees by using laptop, pens, files and international flags on a table.
Walmart International Strategy discussed by three employees by using laptop, pens, files and international flags on a table.

What Is Walmart’s International Strategy?

Walmart’s international strategy is to create a global network of stores that can be used to bring low-cost goods to consumers in the developing world. It has already set up retail stores in South America, Africa and Asia.

Walmart has a dominant position in the United States retail market, where it operates more than 4,000 stores across the country. The company has been trying hard to expand its footprint in other markets around the world as well.

In 1999, Walmart acquired Asda, a British supermarket chain which was then owned by J Sainsbury PLC. The acquisition gave Walmart access to Asda’s distribution network in Europe and helped it grow its operations abroad rapidly. Since then, Walmart has expanded its presence in countries such as Canada, China and Japan. In addition to retail outlets, it also operates warehouses through which it distributes products from its stores worldwide.

How Did Walmart Choose Its First International Markets?

Walmart chose its first international markets in Mexico and Canada. This decision was based on the fact that these two countries had similar cultures to that of the United States, which made it easier to adjust to the new culture. In addition, both countries have large populations who have an interest in shopping at discount stores like Walmart.

Walmart has also expanded into Europe, South America and Asia. It has struggled with operating in these markets because they are very different from those in North America. For example, many Europeans prefer smaller stores with a higher level of service than what Walmart is used to offering its customers.

What Does Walmart’s International Strategy Look Like?

Walmart’s international strategy is based on a three-pronged approach:

Acquisitions — Walmart has acquired several chains in Mexico, Central America and South America. In 2016, it bought Asda Group PLC for $10 billion to expand its presence in Britain. The company also owns MassMart Holdings Ltd., which operates supermarkets in southern Africa.

Joint ventures — Walmart partnered with Bharti Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., an Indian conglomerate, to open stores in that country under the Best Price Modern Wholesale banner. In Australia, it operates several discount grocery stores under the name Woolworths Supermarkets.

Franchising — The company operates franchise businesses throughout Latin America and Europe, including Argentina’s Falabella chain and Chile’s Lider supercenter chain.”

How Has Walmart’s International Strategy Evolved Over Time?

Walmart’s international strategy has evolved over time. Walmart’s international business started with Sam Walton’s visit to Japan in the late 1960s. Sam Walton was so impressed by the Japanese culture that he decided to build a store in Japan. In 1983, Walmart opened its first store in Japan and it was an instant success.

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Walmart continued to expand its international presence through acquisitions. In 1990s, Walmart acquired many retail companies including Woolworths Limited in Australia, Club La Costa S.A. in South America and Seiyu Ltd in Japan. This helped increase Walmart’s presence in those markets and provide customers with more choices at lower prices.

How Does Walmart International Fit Into Their Overall Business Strategy?

Walmart International is a key component of the company’s overall business strategy. It is an important part of the company’s global expansion effort and has helped them become one of the world’s largest retailers.

Walmart International has been able to grow over time because they have made a number of strategic decisions that have allowed them to be successful. They have been able to grow by making the right decisions on where they open stores and how they run those stores. One of their most important decisions was to focus on emerging markets. This has helped them grow faster than other retailers because these markets have not yet been saturated with stores like Wal-Mart has in other countries.


Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and has stores in 28 countries outside of North America. The company operates in five segments: US, Sam’s Club, Walmart International, Global eCommerce and Global Sourcing. Its international business accounted for 15% of total revenues in fiscal 2016. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Walmart International Strategy

What is Walmart International Strategy?

Walmart is a global retailer, operating under the name Walmart. It has stores in 28 countries. Walmart International operates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India and South Africa. It is also planning to expand its operations in some other countries like Mexico and Japan.

How does Walmart International contribute to the company’s overall success?

The US accounts for more than half of all retail sales in North America and over 75% of those sales come from grocery stores such as Wal-Mart or Kroger’s or Costco etc., which are discount retailers with low prices on most items including clothing and electronics etc.

What are the main elements of Walmart International Strategy?

The main element of the Walmart International Strategy is to expand its business internationally by acquiring other retail stores or companies and integrating them into its existing network.

How does Walmart use technology?

Walmart uses technology extensively throughout all aspects of their business including online shopping, supply chain management, inventory management and logistics planning, customer service etc.

What is Walmart’s strategy for international expansion?

Walmart’s strategy for international expansion is to increase market share by opening stores in new markets and expanding existing ones.

Why does Walmart want to grow internationally?

Walmart wants to grow internationally because it means more profits for them, and also it helps them gain more customers than they would have if they only had one country.

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