Does Walmart Hire Felons? (Job, Process, Back Ground Check)

Felons are often denied employment opportunities. But Walmart is taking the lead in hiring felons, providing them with the opportunity to turn their lives around, get back on their feet, and provide for their families. The retail giant is proud to offer a second chance to people who have been convicted of crimes. Walmart believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to work hard, earn a living, and support themselves and their families.

Does Walmart Hire Felons (Job, Process, Back Ground Check)

What Is The Walmart Felons Hiring Program? Are There Any Restrictions On Hiring Felons?

Walmart’s felon hiring program is designed to give people with criminal records an opportunity to work at Walmart. The program was launched in 2018 after the retailer decided that it wanted its stores to be more inclusive and welcoming places where everyone can feel comfortable shopping and working.

The goal of this program is not only to hire people who have had trouble finding jobs because of their criminal records but also to help give them support while they’re employed so that they don’t end up back in prison again after getting out.

What Are The Requirements For Walmart Felons Hiring?

The requirements for Walmart felons hiring are pretty simple. You must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma. If you do not have a high school diploma, then you can take the GED test.

You also need to pass a drug test and criminal background check. If you have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor within the past seven years, then you will not be able to work at Walmart.

How Can A Felon Apply To Work At Walmart?

There are many ways that you can get a job at Walmart. You can apply online, or you can go into the store and apply in person. The company also has an app that allows you to apply for jobs on your phone or tablet.

The company hires people from all walks of life, including felons who have served their time and paid their debt to society. Walmart offers benefits, competitive wages, and career opportunities for all of its employees.

In addition to applying online or in person at your local store, you can also visit the Walmart career center website to see if there are any openings available near you. If you’re in prison and interested in working for Walmart once released, visit our incarcerated worker page for more information on how to apply from behind bars.

Does Walmart Conduct Background Checks While Hiring Felons?

Walmart has several options for how it can conduct background checks. Walmart can hire an independent company to conduct the background checks or it can use its own employees to perform them.

The Walmart employee who performs the criminal history check is called a “screening manager” and they are trained on how to conduct these types of interviews. The screening manager will ask you questions about your criminal past, including if you have ever been convicted of a crime or if you have ever been arrested for a crime.

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If you have been convicted or arrested, then the screening manager may ask you more questions in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for employment with Walmart.

Walmart uses the following criteria when deciding whether or not to hire someone based on their criminal history:

  • How old was the person at the time of arrest?
  • What was the nature of the crime? (e.g., property crimes vs violent crimes)
  • Was there any violence involved?
  • Was there any illegal use of drugs involved? (e.g., drug possession)

What Are Some Challenges Walmart Faces In Hiring Felons?

The first challenge is that felons have limited job opportunities because of their criminal record. They may have a history of drug abuse, theft or violence and it will be hard for them to find jobs that would allow them to provide for their family. They may also lack education or training which makes them less competitive in the job market.

Another challenge is that these people tend to be unreliable employees since they already have a history of being irresponsible workers who run away from work without notice or quit abruptly after only a few days on the job.


Walmart has been working hard to create opportunities for people who have been affected by the criminal justice system. They’re hiring felons right now! The company has been trying to increase diversity in the workplace by hiring more felons and it seems to be working.

FAQ’s About Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Can I get hired at Walmart if I’m a felon?

Yes, you can! Walmart hires felons. In fact, we hire over 100,000 people with criminal records each year. That’s why we work closely with associations like The National Retail Federation to help reduce barriers to employment for those with criminal records by changing laws and policies that discriminate against them.

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How do I go about applying for a job at Walmart if I have a criminal record?

You can apply online or visit a store near you to fill out an application. You can also call us at 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278) to speak with someone in your area who can help answer any questions you may have about applying for work at Walmart.

How long does it take Walmart to get background checks completed?

Please allow up to three weeks from the time of your application submission to receive notification from us regarding your criminal background check results.

Is there a waiting period before I can start working after receiving my job offer?

Yes, once we extend an offer of employment and background check, there is typically a two week waiting period before you can begin working at Walmart.

How does Walmart hire felons?

Walmart offers many jobs for ex-offenders and those with criminal records. In some states, the company has special hiring programs for people with criminal records.

What is a felon?

A felon is someone who has been convicted of a felony crime. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors and include serious crimes like murder, rape and drug dealing. People who have committed felony crimes often face long prison sentences, fines and probation.

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