Does Walmart Deliver Mattresses?(How Much Cost, Shipping Days, Home Pick Up)

If you have ever tried to buy any kind of furniture from Walmart, then you know how expensive it can be. One of the things that are most expensive at Walmart are mattresses! They have many different types of mattresses available for purchase but each one of them is very expensive and not very affordable at all! Here Queryreview will discuss about Mattresses Delivering details At Walmart.

Deliver Mattresses at Walmart Store contains all types of sizes like small to king size mattresses.
Deliver Mattresses at Walmart Store contains all types of sizes like small to king size mattresses.

Does Deliver Mattresses at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does deliver mattresses. The delivery is free for orders over $35 and you can schedule a delivery date that is convenient for you. If you want to buy a mattress from Walmart but don’t want to wait for it to be delivered, you can use the store pickup option and get your mattress as soon as the store receives it.

If you’d prefer to pick up your order instead of having it delivered, just select “Store Pickup” when checking out online or in the Walmart app. You’ll need to provide a date and time slot when selecting this option so that an associate can prepare your order before you arrive at the store. Once everything is ready, they’ll call or text your phone number with an update on when they’re ready for pick up!

How Much Does Mattresses Delivery Cost?

The cost of a mattress delivery depends on the size and type of mattress you order. For example, a queen-size mattress costs $59 to deliver, while a twin-size costs $39. An additional delivery fee may be required for certain areas because of shipping costs. The delivery fee on full-size mattresses is $99, while twin and queen size mattresses cost $79.

If you order three or more full- or queen-size mattresses at once, you can get free shipping with in-home setup by an employee of Walmart or Sam’s Club, according to Business Insider. If you’re not able to take advantage of that deal, it’s best to check if there are any nearby stores with free pickup options so that you don’t have to pay for delivery.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Mattress Delivery?

If you choose to have your new mattress delivered, you’ll be able to track its progress from start to finish using the tracking number provided by Walmart. The company says that deliveries generally arrive within seven business days. In other words, if you place an order on Monday morning, expect it by Friday afternoon.

But that’s not always the case — sometimes things happen in transit and delays happen. So if you have something important going on one week before Christmas and your mattress won’t be there until after then, consider ordering two weeks before Christmas instead of one week before Christmas so that there’s extra time for the order processing and shipping process (this also applies if you’re ordering more than one thing from Walmart).

Does Walmart Offer In-Home Pick-Up Of My Old Mattress?

Walmart does offer in-home pick-up of your old mattress. They have partnered with another company called Mattress Recyclers, who will come pick up your old mattress for free. You can schedule a pickup and the recycling company will take care of everything else.

Walmart’s Mattress Recyclers will come to your home and remove your old mattress from the premises. The company takes care of all packing, loading, and hauling away of your old mattress. It is then taken to a recycling center where it is shredded and recycled into high quality inner spring steel.

The mattress recycling process works by breaking down the material into its component parts so that they can be reused again in new mattresses or furniture products. If you are interested in learning more about mattress recycling, click here for more information on how it works and what happens to your old mattress after it leaves your home.

If I Order A Mattress Online, Do I Have To Pick It Up From The Store Or Will They Bring It To Me?

If you have a local store near your house and live in an area where there are delivery options available, then you might be able to take advantage of them. But if not, you will have to pick up the mattress from the store.

However, if you’re ordering online and don’t want to deal with delivery or pickup, you can choose to rent a truck or trailer (or borrow one) and drive down to pick it up yourself. That’s what we did when we ordered our mattress online; we rented a truck and drove down to get our bed!


If you are considering ordering a mattress online, the answer is yes! The majority of online mattress retailers will deliver their product directly to your home at no extra cost to you. Some even offer free delivery, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra just because you want to save money on your new mattress. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Does Walmart Deliver Mattresses?

How soon can I get a mattress delivered?

We offer same-day delivery and in-home delivery for mattresses and box springs. Your order will arrive within hours of ordering.

How do I know if the drivers are coming to my area?

You can check if we deliver to your area by entering your zip code on our website, or to speak with a customer service representative who can tell you whether the drivers are coming to your area.

What happens if no one is home when the driver arrives?

The driver may leave the package outside your door or on your porch or steps if there isn’t anyone home when they arrive. If this happens, they’ll include a note telling you how to arrange redelivery or pick up your purchase at their local store location after hours.

How do I schedule a delivery?

Just select your mattress, box spring and frame. Then choose “Free In-Home Delivery” as your shipping method. You can also schedule a delivery date and time later by calling customer service at 1-800-927-7677 or visiting the Walmart Delivers website.

Can I schedule my own delivery?

Yes! You can schedule your own delivery using our Online Scheduler tool or by calling 1-800-927-7677.

What are the delivery rates?

Delivery rates vary based on location, size of order and distance traveled. For more information, visit our Delivery Information page.

Can I track my order?

Yes! You can track your order by entering your tracking number in the box below or on the confirmation email sent after placing an order

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