How Many Starbucks Reserves Are There? (Members, Cost, Coffee Beans, Roastery)

One of the most satisfying parts of being a Starbucks fan is knowing that there’s always something new and exciting to try.

But have you ever wondered how many Starbucks reserve coffees are out there? Well, wonder no more! We’ve done the research for you and are happy to share our findings.

Starbucks reserves are a little-known secret that most people don’t know about. The company reserves its best beans for the Reserve line, and these coffees are not available to everyone. In fact, only select locations carry them—and even then, you can only buy them in certain sizes and in certain quantities. If you want to try Starbucks Reserve coffee, you need to know how many Starbucks reserves there are!

Starbucks Reserves stores are place to sit and eat with friends and family members. This starbucks reserve store has some chairs and tables to sit and have food, some people sat overthere and having their favorites.
Starbucks Reserves stores are place to sit and eat with friends and family members. This starbucks reserve store has some chairs and tables to sit and have food, some people sat overthere and having their favorites.

How Many Starbucks Reserves Are There?

A Starbucks Reserve is a limited edition coffee that’s only available in a small number of locations. They’re usually exclusive to one store, or a few stores in an area.

Starbucks has about 80,000 stores worldwide, and each one has the chance to serve a Reserve coffee. If you want to try one, you’ll have to go to the store it’s available at—and since they’re limited editions and often only available for a short time, there’s no way of knowing when (or if) your local Starbucks will offer one.

The Starbucks Reserve is a line of coffee sold by the famous coffee chain. The Reserve is made from select beans, and the beans are hand-picked before roasting. The roasting process is also done in small batches to ensure the best quality.

How much does it cost to become a Starbucks reserve member?

Starbucks reserves is a program that allows you to get certain perks at Starbucks if you’re a member.

The cost of becoming a Starbucks reserve member depends on what kind of membership you choose. You can go with the basic membership, which costs $40 per year and includes a free birthday drink (if your birthday falls within that year), or you can go with the gold membership, which costs $150 per year and includes all of the benefits of the basic membership plus a free drink every time your card is used in store.

If you want to be able to use your rewards at any Starbucks location, regardless of how many stars it has on its rewards menu, then select basic membership over gold—it’s cheaper and gives you all the same benefits except for one: You won’t get any special offers for reserving drinks ahead of time.

What types of coffee beans are used at a Starbucks Reserve Roastery?

Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a special place where you can experience the most premium coffee beans in the world.

At Starbucks Reserve Roastery, they use three different types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, and Gesha.

Arabica Beans: This is what most people think of when they think of coffee beans. In fact, it’s the most common type of bean used by Starbucks. It has a mild flavor and is generally used for drip brewing or iced drinks. The Arabica bean originated in Ethiopia and was first introduced to Europeans by traders in the early 1700s.

Robusta Beans: This type of bean has a much stronger flavor than Arabica beans and can be used for espresso drinks as well as brewed coffee. It is also resistant to disease so farmers can plant it more often than other varieties without worrying about losing their crops from infestation or disease outbreaks like rust fungus (which are both serious problems that can destroy entire crops).

How many Starbucks Reserves are there currently?

As of today, there are only three Starbucks Reserve locations in the world. The first opened in Seattle in December 2018, and the other two opened in New York City and Shanghai on May 3rd and 4th, respectively. The fourth location is slated to open in Tokyo on June 16th.

The stores are different from regular Starbucks locations; they’re bigger and have a more upscale feel than other stores. They also offer different kinds of drinks than those available at your local Starbucks—like Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (which is made with nitrogen). They also sell beer and wine!

What is the difference between Starbucks Reserve and Starbucks Reserve Bar?

Starbucks Reserve and Starbucks Reserve Bar are two different things, but they have a lot in common. They’re both part of the Starbucks brand and they both offer a higher level of quality.

Both are locations where you can get an experience that’s different from what you’d get at your local Starbucks. At a Starbucks Reserve, you’ll find premium ingredients and more craftsmanship—like handcrafted drinks and coffee brewed with specific techniques. You’ll also often be able to interact with the baristas behind your drink by tasting and pairing them with food items like chocolates or cheese plates.

Starbucks Reserve Bars are similar, offering everything you’d expect from a Starbucks Reserve but with the added bonus of being able to taste multiple kinds of coffee in one sitting. Instead of just one sample cup per coffee type, baristas can serve up several samples at once so you can compare them side-by-side or try them all at once!

What are the benefits of a Starbucks reserve?

Starbucks reserves are a great option for those looking to spend a little more on their coffee. With this premium brand, you can expect a higher quality of coffee and the experience of drinking it in a more intimate setting than the average Starbucks store provides.

Here are some benefits of Starbucks reserves:

  • Higher quality coffee
  • Smaller cafés with more seating options and better ambiance
  • More personalized service
  • More premium products available

What types of drinks can be found at a Starbucks Reserve Roastery?

Starbucks Reserve Roastery offers a selection of coffee and tea drinks, along with a handful of espresso drinks.

The “Reserve” coffees are the core star of this menu, each roastery offering a different set of coffees to try out. The drinks themselves are usually served in one-cup sizes and include such options as:

Pour over coffee: made by steeping ground beans in hot water

Cold brew: made by steeping ground beans in cold water for 24 hours or more, then filtering out the resulting concentrate.

Handcrafted espresso drinks: made using freshly pulled shots, available hot or cold. Options include macchiato, cappuccino, latte (hot or iced), cortado, flat white and Americano.


What is Starbucks Reserve?

Starbucks Reserve is a premium coffee brand that offers a unique experience for customers. The coffee is grown by farmers who are constantly innovating and improving their techniques, and the beans are roasted in small batches in Seattle to ensure the highest quality.

How many Starbucks Reserves are there?

There are currently 15 Starbucks Reserves: 7 roasts from four different regions (Central America, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific), plus 8 single-origin coffees.

What makes these Starbucks different from others?

The coffee shops are carefully designed to look like a coffee roaster from the 1800s, with wooden beams overhead and dark wood floors throughout—but with modern conveniences like free WiFi and charging stations for your phone. You’ll also see coffee brewing equipment on display at the counter, which is really cool if you’re into stuff like that!

What does Reserve coffee taste like?

Reserve coffee tastes great! It’s smoother than your average cup of joe because it’s made from single-origin beans instead of blends. And when you buy a cup of Reserve coffee at one of our locations, you’ll be able to see exactly which bean went into making your drink—just look for the “Single Origin” seal on your cup or bag!

How much does a Starbucks Reserve cost?

The price varies depending on location, but most of them have an average price of $5-$7 per cup.

What kind of coffee do they serve at a Starbucks Reserve?

Starbucks Reserves serve mostly single origin coffees with unique flavor profiles that aren’t available at other Starbucks locations. They also sometimes offer small batch blends from a specific region or country.

How can I get access to Starbucks reserves?

You can join the reservation list by visiting and filling out a form (once your application has been approved). After that, you’ll receive an email asking you to complete your purchase online or in-store at any participating Starbucks location near you.

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