Is Costco Premium Gas Good? Is It Worth The Extra Money?( Quality, Benefits, Price)

If you’re a Costco member, you’ve probably seen the sign for their premium gasoline. You might be wondering if it’s worth the extra money to pump premium gas instead of regular. In this blog post, we’ll break down what makes Costco’s premium gas different from other brands, and whether or not it’s worth paying more for.

Is Costco Premium Gas Good? The Truth About Buying Gas at Costco

Costco’s gas station is a hidden gem for many people. They can get fuel for their cars at a lower price than other stations, and they can also purchase groceries from Costco while they are there. However, is this premium gas good?

The answer to that question is yes and no. The reason why it is good is because it has less additives than other types of gasoline. This means that you will end up saving more money in the long run if you use Costco’s premium gas over other brands of gasoline. It also has a higher octane rating than standard gas, so your engine will run more smoothly with this type of fuel.

But there are some drawbacks to using this type of fuel as well. The first one is that it doesn’t last forever like standard gasoline does — therefore, you will need to buy more often than if you were using regular gasoline or diesel. Another drawback is that it doesn’t work well in all engines; some engines may not function properly when using this type of fuel due to its high octane level or lack of additives which can damage them over time if not used properly by an expert mechanic who knows how to tune up an engine properly so that it runs properly on these types of fuels without damaging its components or causing any problems.

Should You Buy Your Gas At Costco?

There are several reasons why you should buy your gas at Costco:

  • First, you can save money by buying your gas at Costco.
  • Second, it’s convenient for those who don’t want to go out of their way to fill up their cars.
  • Third, the service is fast and efficient.

Does Costco Really Have The Cheapest Gas? How To Save Money On Gasoline?

Costco is well known for its low-price membership fees, but many people don’t know that Costco also offers cheap gas along with its other grocery and retail products.

It’s true that Costco has some of the lowest gas prices around — but there are ways you can save even more money at the pump by using these tips:

  • Sign up for a credit card that offers discounts on gas purchases.
  • Use your phone to locate the nearest station with cheap fuel prices.
  • Go online to find out which stations offer discounts based on your zip code or shopping preferences (such as buying tires).
  • Get a fuel rewards card from a local convenience store or grocery store to earn extra points on every gallon of gas you purchase (and use those points to buy groceries!).
  • Buy a new car that gets better mileage than your current model so you’ll spend less money on gas over time!
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Is Costco’s Premium Gas Good For Your Car? Should You Use Costco’s Premium Gasoline In Your Vehicle?

Costco’s premium gasoline is supposed to be better for your car than the regular stuff, but does it really make a difference? The answer is yes and no.

The fact is that when you buy premium gasoline, you’re paying more for octane levels not because they make any difference in your car’s performance, but because they make engines more efficient.

Higher octane levels can lead to better efficiency. That said, most vehicles don’t need the higher octane level that comes with premium fuel. And while some cars will run on regular gasoline just fine, others will benefit from using a lower-octane fuel.

So whether or not you should use Costco’s premium gas depends on what kind of vehicle you drive and even then, it may not matter much at all.

What Makes Costco Gas Different?

The main difference between Costco gas and other brands is that it’s “premium” grade. The higher octane levels give it more power and better performance for your car. This means that your engine will run cooler, last longer and get better mileage as a result.

The only downside is that premium gasoline can be hard on engines that aren’t designed to use it — especially older cars with carburetors (which most Americans drive). If you’re unsure whether your car can handle premium fuel or not, check with your mechanic before filling up at Costco.


Costco Premium Gas is a high-octane gas that meets or exceeds industry standards for octane content and lead-free. It’s also formulated to help prevent engine deposits. It contains high quality additives that protect your engine and help prevent corrosion.

FAQ’s About Costco Premium Gas

Where can I buy it?

Costco Premium Gas is available at all Costco warehouses in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We also sell it through our website:

Why is Costco Premium gas different than other gas?

Costco Premium gasoline is a specially formulated premium fuel designed to give you better performance. It contains high quality additives that protect your engine and help prevent corrosion.

Will I experience better performance with Costco Premium gasoline?

Yes, you will experience better mileage and acceleration as well as improved engine cleaning.

Is there any difference between Costco Premium gasoline and other “Top Tier” brands such as Mobil 1 and Shell Rotella?

Yes! Costco Premium gasoline features higher levels of detergent additives than many other brands and meets the latest Top Tier specifications set by independent testing labs across North America.

How much does Costco premium gas cost?

Costco premium gasoline is priced at cost plus 10%. That means that we pay the same price that we pay for all of our merchandise (including food), and then add 10% to it. We do not make a profit on the sale of gasoline.

How can I tell if my fuel system is compatible with Costco Premium Fuel?

Costco Premium Fuel is designed for vehicles that are designed to run on 87 octane fuel. Not all vehicles are compatible with our higher-octane fuel, but there are a number of factors that will determine whether your vehicle can use it.

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