Does Chick Fil A Have Pup Cups?

Chick Fil A is known for its delicious chicken sandwiches, but did you know that they also have pup cups?

In fact, Chick Fil A has a whole line of products just for dogs. Not only are their pup cups adorable, but they’re also made with real chicken and contain no artificial flavors or colors. So whether your dog is enjoying a cup of [their favorite flavor] or [another favorite flavor], they’ll be getting the same high-quality ingredients that make Chick Fil A so popular with people.

Chick Fil A Pup Cup sat on the green grass by holding American Flag by his hand.
Chick Fil A Pup Cup sat on the green grass by holding American Flag by his hand.

Does Chick Fil A Have Pup Cups?

Chick Fil A, the chicken restaurant chain that has become a household name for its waffle fries and fried chicken sandwiches, is also known for its dog-friendly policies.

Founded in 1967 in Georgia and originally named “Chick-fil-A Dwarf House,” the company has been a pioneer in allowing dogs on their premises since day one.

The company also offers special “puppy cups” for dogs at their restaurants, which are miniature versions of their famous drinkware. The cups feature images of Chick Fil A’s trademark cows and are available at all locations across the country.

What’s the deal with Chick Fil A’s Pup Cups?

Chick Fil A’s Pup Cups are the best deals on the market.

The Pup Cup comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small cup is $1.99, the medium cup is $2.99, and the large cup is $3.99.

The small cup has a free toy inside! You can also get a free toy if you buy any kind of food item at Chick Fil A on Wednesday, October 17th from 2 p.m.-8 p.m.. Just bring your receipt to the drive-thru window or inside restaurant with “Pup Cup” written on it and tell them that you want your free toy!

Is Chick Fil A getting a dog-friendly option?

Chick Fil A is getting a dog-friendly option!

The restaurant chain is releasing ‘pup cups’ in select locations, which will be available on a limited basis. The cups will feature an opening at the top for your pup’s head to peek through, so that they can enjoy a frosty treat with you at Chick Fil A.

We’re excited about this development, and we know our customers are too! We can’t wait to see what other restaurants follow suit.

Will the pup cups be available nationwide?

Chick Fil A is a global company, so we are always looking for ways to grow our business and make sure our products are available everywhere. We hope that the Pup Cups will find their way into your local Chick Fil A as soon as possible!

We’re so glad you asked! The Chick Fil A Pup Cups will be available nationwide starting August 1st.

Can I get a cup with my pup’s face on it?

Sure! We love dogs just as much as you do, and we’re always happy to help you get a cup with your pup’s face on it.

Just head over to our website, and use the “order” button to place your order. After that, we’ll send you an email with all the details about how to upload your dog’s photo so we can make them into cups for you!

What are the drink options for dogs at Chick Fil A? Will they have diet sodas and non-dairy milks for dogs, too?

Chick Fil A has recently begun offering a new option for dogs: the Pup Cup. The Pup Cup is a paper cup filled with water, and it comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It also comes in four colors: green, yellow, red, and blue.

If you’re looking for something other than water for your pet, don’t worry! Chick Fil A also offers a selection of soda pop for canines. The four options are root beer, ginger ale, cola (also known as “red” or “blue”), and lemon-lime (also known as “green”). There’s also a non-dairy milk alternative called “chocolate milk” (which is actually caramel syrup).


Does Chick Fil A Have Pup Cups?

Yes! Chick Fil A has Pup Cups, and they’re available at all of their locations. You can order a Pup Cup with your choice of chicken or grilled chicken, and you can get it in either a regular or large size.

Is it safe to give my dog Chick Fil A food?

We recommend you talk to your vet about what is best for your dog. If you notice any issues after feeding him/her Chick Fil A food, please let us know so we can investigate further.

Why Should I Care About This Pup cups?

Because it’s fun! And because it shows your dog how much you love them by giving them something special just for them.

What Is A Pup Cup?

A pup cup is the same size as a regular coffee cup, but it’s made out of plastic so it’s safe for dogs to drink from.

Do Chick Fil A stores sell pup cups?

Yes, Chick Fil A stores do sell pup cups. The price is $0.99 for a small cup, and $1.99 for a large cup.

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