How Does Kirkland Motor Oil Differ From Other Motor Oils? (Price, Quantity, Quality, Benefits)

Kirkland Signature Synthetic Motor Oil is the perfect blend of performance and quality. It is formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of all manufacturers of passenger cars, light trucks and vans. Kirkland Signature Motor Oil is a great value for your vehicle. It’s made from high quality oil and has been tested to ensure your engine will be protected.

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil? Does It Come With A Warranty?

Kirkland Signature Motor Oil is made by Valvoline, one of the most trusted names in motor oil. It is a premium-quality oil that meets or exceeds all automotive manufacturer requirements for quality and performance.

Kirkland Signature Automotive Oil has a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on its contents. This warranty protects consumers against leaks, contamination or failure to meet quality standards as determined by testing equipment used at manufacturing plants.

What Is The Price Of Kirkland Motor Oil? Is It Cheaper Than Other Motor Oils?

The price of Kirkland Motor Oil is about $1.99 per gallon. This is cheaper than other motor oils in the market. The price of other brands are:

  • Valvoline 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (1 Gallon) for $22.99
  • Castrol Premium High Mileage Motor Oil 5W-30 Full Synthetic, 1 Gallon for $26.95
  • Shell Rotella T 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil with Moly, 1 Gallon for $18.99
  • Mobil 1 0W-40 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil (1 Quart) for $11.49

Is There A Costco Membership Required To Get Kirkland Motor Oil?

In recent years, Kirkland has started selling motor oil under its own label. While the price is cheap, there is no membership required to purchase this oil at Costco locations across the country. You can simply buy it at your local store and take it home with you that day.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Kirkland Motor Oil At Costco?

The Kirkland Signature Full Synthetic Motor Oil reduces friction and provides better lubrication, which means less wear on parts like valves and pistons. The result is better fuel economy and lower emissions. It also keeps your engine cleaner for longer periods of time.

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The Kirkland Signature Full Synthetic Motor Oil protects your vehicle from harmful deposits that can lead to premature failure of the engine due to excessive heat caused by friction in the motor.

With its unique formula, this motor oil helps remove dirt particles from inside your engine’s components so they don’t accumulate over time.

How Does Kirkland Motor Oil Differ From Other Motor Oils?

Kirkland Signature motor oils are formulated to outperform other oils in their class, which means they provide better protection against wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine. Kirkland Signature motor oils are designed to protect engines at high temperatures and during cold starts. They also help maintain engine cleanliness and reduce sludge formation, which helps extend the life of your vehicle.


The Kirkland Signature Full Synthetic Motor Oil is made of high-quality synthetic base oils and a special additive technology that helps protect your engine against wear and tear. It also contains Zinc, which provides additional protection against rust and corrosion.

FAQ’s About Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

Why should I use synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic motor oils are designed to last longer than conventional oils and provide better protection against engine wear during high-temperature conditions. They also have better viscosity that helps reduce friction inside the engine, so less heat is generated which keeps your engine cooler.

Where can I buy Kirkland Signature Motor Oil?

You can find Kirkland Signature Motor Oils at many Costco stores across the country or by visiting

Will using synthetic motor oil void my vehicle warranty?

No. The use of synthetic motor oil does not void your vehicle’s warranty as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Can I use this oil in my vehicle or truck?

The oil is made for all vehicles and trucks that require conventional, synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils. It can also be used in older vehicles that require 5W-20 or 10W-30 motor oils.

Is it safe to use this product in my vehicle?

Yes! This product meets the requirements of car manufacturers for engine lubrication. It also meets or exceeds all American Petroleum Institute (API) standards for engine lubrication additives.

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