What Fish Does McDonald’s Use? (Filet-O-Fish, Fish Sandwich)

If you love fish, you might wonder what type of fish McDonald’s uses. After all, this is a fast food restaurant—they must use the cheapest thing possible, right? Well, that’s not true at all! In fact, there are only two kinds of fish that McDonald’s uses: tilapia and cod. They have no plans to add any more types of fish to their menu anytime soon.

McDonald’s uses fish in its food to provide a protein source for customers. The company has strict policies about the sustainability of its sources, and it works hard to ensure that it is never contributing to overfishing or other environmental impacts on the oceans.

What Fish Does McDonald’s Use?

The answer is: McDonald’s uses fish!

Yes, you heard us right. McDonald’s uses fish in their meals and it’s not just any kind of fish either! We use the freshest ingredients to ensure that your meal tastes as good as ever.

You might be thinking: “But wait, isn’t fish bad for me?” Not at all! Fish is one of the healthiest things you can eat because it contains omega-3 fatty acids which help fight off diseases like heart disease and arthritis. Plus, it has no cholesterol so it won’t clog up your arteries like some other types of meat do!

In fact, if you’re looking to eat healthier then you should definitely consider eating more fish—especially if you want to lose weight or lower your blood pressure!

McDonald’s uses a variety of different types of fish. Their most popular ones are:

  • Salmon
  • Tilapia
  • Sardines
  • Cod
  • Catfish
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What is the average amount of time it takes to catch a fish that will be used by McDonald’s?

It takes an average of three months to catch a fish that will be used by McDonald’s.

This is because the company only uses fish that are caught in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways. They make sure that the fishing practices used do not harm the environment or the fish themselves.

How do you ensure that all your fish is wild-caught and sustainably sourced?

At McDonald’s, we’re always working to make sure the fish we serve is wild-caught and sustainably sourced.

We start by partnering with fishermen who have a long history of responsibly harvesting the fish they catch. We also have strict guidelines for our suppliers that ensure that their fishing practices are sustainable and avoid overfishing.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent organization that certifies seafood as wild-caught and sustainable. All of our fish comes from fisheries that are certified by MSC—meaning you can feel confident knowing that your meal is both delicious and environmentally sound!

Our suppliers also follow McDonald’s Responsible Fishing Guidelines, which include:

  • No fishing of endangered species
  • No child labor
  • No slavery or human trafficking
  • Support for local communities

How does McDonald’s fish get to where it is?

McDonald’s is all about freshness, which is why we take such care in the sourcing and preparation of our products.

The fish you’ll find in a McDonald’s restaurant is harvested from sustainable fisheries around the world and processed at our own facilities. We work with local suppliers to ensure that our fish is caught using responsible practices and harvested from areas that are known for their sustainability.

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The fish you see on your plate is sometimes caught by hand and immediately gutted, filleted, and frozen to preserve freshness. This process helps to maintain the quality of our product—and it also helps us protect the health of the oceans.

When did McDonald’s start using fish? What kind of fish does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s started using fish in their sandwiches, as well as other dishes, in the early 2000s. The company has been serving up fish since the mid-1980s, when they added a shrimp burger to their menu.

McDonald’s buys its seafood from several different sources, but they prefer to buy from local fishermen whenever possible. They also buy from large-scale producers who have sustainable practices and don’t use chemicals or hormones on their fish.

The most common fish McDonald’s uses for their sandwiches is tilapia, which is also a popular choice for sushi restaurants because it has a mild flavor and firm texture that keeps well after cooking. However, in order to meet customer demand for healthier options like salmon sandwiches or tuna burgers, McDonald’s also uses wild Alaska pollock or Atlantic cod from the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

What kind of fish do you use in your fish fillets? Ingredients Used in fish fillets

We use only the finest fish in our fish fillets.

Each batch of our fish fillets is made with 100% sustainable, wild-caught Alaska Pollock. Our suppliers work hard to ensure that the Alaska pollock we use comes from a healthy, natural environment that won’t be affected by overfishing or other environmental concerns.

We have strict guidelines in place for all of our suppliers, so you can rest easy knowing that your meal is made with the best ingredients available.

McDonald’s uses a variety of fish to make their fish fillets, including:

  • Salmon
  • Tilapia
  • Trout

In addition to using these types of fish, McDonald’s also uses vegetable oil and wheat flour in their fish fillets.

The ingredients in McDonald’s fish fillets are:

  • Water
  • Seasoning (yeast extract, salt, sugar)
  • Wheat flour (with added calcium carbonate and iron), salt, wheat gluten
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Where do they get their fish from? Which fishers do you work with?

We work with a wide range of fishers and fisher organizations around the world. We have a system of auditing and certification that allows us to identify the best practices for sustainable fishing, so we can be confident that our fish is caught in an ecologically responsible way.

We work with fishers all over the world. In fact, we use fish from nearly every continent. We believe that by partnering with local fishers, we can help them build a sustainable and profitable business while providing quality food to our customers.


Do they use wild or farmed fish?

McDonald’s uses wild caught Atlantic Cod from fisheries in the US. They do not use any other species of fish including farmed Atlantic Cod or any other kind of seafood like shrimp or lobster.

What fish does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s uses a variety of different fish and seafood from around the world to make our Filet-O-Fish, Fish Sandwich and other menu items. We source our fish from fisheries that are well managed and sustainable.

Where do they get the fish from?

McDonald’s gets their fish from fisheries in Canada, Alaska, and the Northeast United States.

Where does McDonald’s get its seafood?

We work with independent third-party suppliers to meet our needs for Filet-O-Fish, Fish Sandwich, as well as menu items such as the Deluxe Filet-O-Fish and Premium Alaskan Pollock Fillet. These suppliers are required to follow strict guidelines that ensure the welfare of employees.

Are there any genetically modified ingredients in McDonald’s fish?

No, there are no genetically modified ingredients in our fish or any other products on our menu at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

Is there any salmon in Filet-O-Fish?

No, there’s no salmon in Filet-O-Fish! It’s made with Alaskan Pollock and comes from Alaska fisheries only.

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