What are the Best Starbucks Drinks With Protein? (Sizes, Nutritional Values, Taste, FAQ’s)

When it comes to enjoying a delicious beverage while also getting a protein boost, Starbucks has got you covered. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your workouts or simply someone who wants to add more protein to their diet, Starbucks offers a range of protein-rich options that cater to your taste buds and nutritional needs.

In this article, we’ll explore the best Starbucks drinks with protein, providing you with a comprehensive guide to satisfying your cravings while maintaining a balanced diet. So, let’s dive in and discover the protein-infused beverages that Starbucks has to offer!

What Starbucks Drinks are High in Protein?

Starbucks recognizes the growing demand for protein-packed beverages among its customers. To meet this demand, they have curated a selection of drinks that are high in protein, ensuring you can enjoy a flavorful experience while also fueling your body. Here are some of the top Starbucks drinks that are rich in protein:

Iced Protein Blended Cold Brew: This refreshing drink combines the smoothness of cold brew coffee with the benefits of protein. It contains 20 grams of protein per serving, making it an excellent choice for a post-workout boost or a midday pick-me-up.

Protein Blended Cold Brew: If you prefer a creamy and indulgent texture, the Protein Blended Cold Brew is the perfect choice. Packed with 10 grams of protein, this blended beverage offers a delightful combination of coffee, milk, and protein powder.

Protein Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam: This unique beverage features Starbucks’ signature cold brew infused with protein powder and topped with a luscious salted honey cold foam. With 15 grams of protein, it’s a sweet and savory treat that satisfies your taste buds and provides a protein boost.

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Chocolate Smoothie with Protein Powder: For chocolate lovers, Starbucks offers a protein-packed smoothie that combines the richness of chocolate with the benefits of protein. Blended with almond milk, banana, and a scoop of protein powder, this smoothie provides a delicious and nutritious way to refuel.

These protein-rich drinks not only taste great but also offer nutritional value. Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, as well as providing sustained energy throughout the day. Incorporating these drinks into your routine can help you meet your daily protein needs while enjoying the Starbucks experience.

Which Starbucks Drinks Provide a Good Source of Protein?

Starbucks offers several drinks that provide a good source of protein, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage while incorporating protein into your diet. Here are some options to consider:

Caffè Misto with Almond Milk

A classic choice with a protein twist, the Caffè Misto with Almond Milk is a delightful blend of freshly brewed coffee and steamed almond milk. Almond milk is naturally higher in protein than regular milk, making this beverage a good choice for those looking to increase their protein intake.

Violet Drink with Protein Powder

If you’re a fan of vibrant and refreshing beverages, the Violet Drink with Protein Powder is an excellent choice. This colorful drink combines Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with a scoop of protein powder, creating a tasty and protein-packed treat.

Are there Any Protein-Rich drinks Options at Starbucks?

Starbucks understands the importance of catering to customers’ diverse dietary needs and preferences. That’s why they offer a range of protein-rich drink options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a coffee-based beverage, a refreshing fruit blend, or a creamy indulgence, Starbucks has got you covered. From protein-packed iced lattes to protein-infused smoothies, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings while ensuring you get a good dose of protein. These protein-rich drink options provide a convenient and delicious way to incorporate protein into your daily routine, whether you’re on the go or taking a moment to relax at your favorite Starbucks location.

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What Are the Best Protein-Infused Beverages Available at Starbucks?

If you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious way to boost your protein intake, Starbucks has some fantastic options to offer. Let’s explore the best protein-infused beverages available at Starbucks that will satisfy your taste buds and provide a protein-packed punch.

Iced Vanilla Protein Latte

The Iced Vanilla Protein Latte is a popular choice for those seeking a protein-rich beverage. This refreshing drink combines Starbucks’ signature espresso with a hint of vanilla syrup and a generous serving of protein powder. With a perfect balance of flavor and protein, it’s an excellent choice to kick-start your day or for a midday energy boost.

Protein Blended Cold Brew

For coffee lovers who prefer a blended treat, the Protein Blended Cold Brew is a must-try. This creamy and indulgent beverage combines Starbucks’ cold brew coffee with milk and protein powder. It provides a smooth and satisfying texture while delivering a healthy dose of protein to keep you fueled and satisfied.

Violet Drink with Protein Powder

If you’re looking for a vibrant and fruity option, the Violet Drink with Protein Powder is a delightful choice. This colorful drink combines Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with a scoop of protein powder. The result is a refreshing and protein-packed beverage that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Chocolate Smoothie with Protein Powder

Indulge your chocolate cravings while boosting your protein intake with the Chocolate Smoothie with Protein Powder. Made with a blend of almond milk, banana, and a scoop of protein powder, this smoothie offers a velvety and rich chocolate flavor along with the nutritional benefits of protein. It’s a guilt-free pleasure that satisfies both your taste buds and your body’s protein needs.

Can I Find Drinks with Both Great Taste and Protein at Starbucks?

Absolutely! Starbucks understands that taste is just as important as nutritional value. They have carefully crafted protein-infused beverages that not only provide the protein your body needs but also deliver on flavor. With their commitment to quality and taste, you can enjoy drinks that are both delicious and protein-packed.

Are There Any Popular Starbucks Drinks That Are Also High in Protein?

Yes, there are several popular Starbucks drinks that are high in protein. The Iced Vanilla Protein Latte, Protein Blended Cold Brew, and Violet Drink with Protein Powder are among the fan favorites. These drinks have gained popularity due to their satisfying taste and the added benefit of protein content. Starbucks continues to innovate and introduce new protein-rich options to meet the demands of their health-conscious customers.

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Which Starbucks drinks has highest Protein?

The Starbucks drink that has the highest protein content may vary depending on the specific location and availability. However, one of the highest protein options is the Iced Vanilla Protein Latte. This drink typically contains around 20 grams of protein per serving. It combines Starbucks’ signature espresso, a splash of vanilla syrup, and a generous amount of protein powder.

As for the price and size, Starbucks offers different pricing and size options for their drinks. The price of the Iced Vanilla Protein Latte may vary depending on the location and size you choose. Typically, Starbucks offers various sizes such as Tall (12 oz), Grande (16 oz), and Venti (20 oz). The price will generally increase as you choose a larger size. It’s recommended to check with your local Starbucks or their online menu for specific pricing and size options in your area.


In conclusion, Starbucks has recognized the need to cater to health-conscious customers by offering a range of protein-infused beverages and menu items. These options allow you to enjoy the Starbucks experience while also meeting your protein needs.


Can I customize the protein content in my Starbucks drink?

Unfortunately, the protein content in Starbucks drinks is not customizable.

Are the protein-infused Starbucks drinks suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

No, Some protein-infused beverages may contain dairy or other animal-derived ingredients.

Can I find protein-rich options for breakfast at Starbucks?

Absolutely! Starbucks offers protein-rich menu items like the Spinach and Feta Wrap with Egg Whites.

Do Starbucks protein-infused drinks contain added sugars?

The presence of added sugars may vary depending on the specific drink.

Can I order a protein-infused drink without caffeine?

Yes, Starbucks offers decaffeinated versions of some of their beverages, including protein-infused options.

Are the protein-infused Starbucks drinks suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Starbucks provides options for different dietary needs.

Are there any seasonal protein-infused drinks available at Starbucks?

Starbucks often introduces seasonal menu items, including protein-infused beverages.

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