Does Walmart Have Western Union? (Online Money Transfer, Payments, Benefits)

Walmart and Western Union have partnered to make it easier for you to send money to your loved ones around the world. With Walmart store Western Union, you can send money online or in-store with just a few clicks. You can also pick up your money at any Walmart location in less than an hour. Sending money from Walmart is easy and secure, so get started today. Here Queryreview will guide you how to use Walmart Western Union and its benefits.

Around ten people are walking and two big size plant pots , one sitting chair and one direction board are in front of the Western Union block .
Around ten people are walking and two big size plant pots , one sitting chair and one direction board are in front of the Western Union block .

What Is Western Union? Is Western Union Safe To Use?

Western Union is a service that allows you to send money to another person. You can use it to send money from one Walmart store to another, or from your home using the Walmart MoneyGram website or app. The recipient can pick up the cash at any Walmart location in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, or have it deposited directly into their bank account.

Western Union is an established company with over 150 years of history, so it’s safe to use them for sending money through Walmart.

Walmart will never ask you for your sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank account details when transferring money via Western Union at their stores in person. They only need your name, home address and phone number so they can verify your identity before processing your transaction.

How Does Walmart Use Western Union? What Does Walmart Get From Western Union?

Walmart uses Western Union to send money to its employees around the world. In some countries, Walmart has thousands of workers on its payroll, and those employees need to be paid on time.

In other countries, Walmart uses Western Union because it offers a quick way for employees to get their paychecks quickly when they need them. For example, if an employee needs money urgently because they have family members who are sick or have been in an accident and need medical care, they can use Western Union to receive money right away.

There are several reasons why Walmart uses Western Union:

  • Walmart needs an easy way to pay its foreign employees quickly so that they can get back to work and support their families.
  • Walmart knows that many of its overseas workers are not able to access banks easily or even safely (because of war zones or violent crime), so sending them cash by mail could be dangerous or impossible for them.
  • Some countries don’t allow wire transfers from outside the country into local bank accounts because it could be used for illegal purposes like money laundering or tax evasion by criminals who want to hide their assets from government authorities

What Are The Benefits Of Western Union? Benefits Listed Out By Queryreview

Walmart Western Union is a popular place where you can send money online. There are many benefits of using Western Union to send money to someone. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can send money in any currency
  • It’s safe and secure
  • You can send money 24/7
  • It’s easy to use

What Is The Return Policy For Western Union?

Western Union Return Policy is based on the policy of the seller. But, if you want to return your order, then you need to follow some important steps.

  • You can return your order within 30 days from the day you received it. You must return the item in its original condition and packaging with all of its components and accessories included. You can also request for a refund or an exchange for a different color or size of your product.
  • If your product is damaged or defective when you received it, then you need to notify Walmart about this issue within 30 days from the day you received them so that they will arrange for an exchange or refund for a new one from their end.
  • If you want to return an item because of any other reason such as not liking it, then you can do so within 90 days from the day when you received it but only if it is unused and unopened with all of its components and accessories included in their original packaging along with the receipt or invoice that was issued by Walmart with all of its information intact on it including your name, address, phone number etc.
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Does Western Union Offer Refunds At Walmart?

Western Union offers refunds for payments made to recipients, who fail to pick up the money. However, there is no refund for payments made to third parties who do not provide a service.

If you have paid money through Western Union and the recipient did not pick up the money, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of making the payment. To request a refund, fill out this form and submit it online or by mail. The form includes instructions on how to obtain your refund and should be filled out completely and accurately so that your refund can be processed as quickly as possible.


Walmart has partnered with Western Union to help you get your Walmart MoneyCard faster and more easily. With the Walmart Western Union service, you can skip the trip to the store and get your money right when you need it.

FAQ’s About Does Walmart Have Western Union?

What is Western Union at Walmart Store?

Western Union is a service that makes it easy to send money to over 200 countries and territories. The service is available in all Walmart stores and many Sam’s Club locations.

How do I use the Western Union from Walmart?

Go to the cashier at your local store and give them your name and phone number. You’ll also need to show them a valid ID. If you’re making an international payment, you’ll need to show proof of citizenship from the country you’re sending money to (such as a passport).

Can I use to pay for my order by Western Union?

Yes, you can pay for your order with a Western Union Money Transfer. You will be redirected to once you complete your transaction. Please note that this service is only available in certain countries and depends on the availability of local agents

Can I use my Walmart MoneyCard to send money with Western Union?

Yes! You can send money using your Walmart MoneyCard at Walmart locations that offer the service.

Can I use my Walmart gift card to send money with Western Union?

Yes! You can use your Walmart gift card to send money at Walmart locations that offer the service.

What happens if my transaction isn’t approved right away?

There could be several reasons why your transaction might not be approved right away. Please call us at 1-800-922-4142 if this happens so we can investigate further for you.

How do I change my PIN number or security questions?

If you want to change your PIN number or security questions, log in to your secure online banking portal and click on “Secure Online Services” then click “Change Security Questions & Answers”.

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