Does Walmart Sell Steam Cards? (How To Get, Cost, Types, Uses)

Walmart Steam Cards are a convenient way to pay for your Steam game purchases. They’re available in $10 and $20 denominations, and can be used wherever the payment method is accepted. Walmart Steam Cards are a very easy way to get your favorite games and software at You can purchase these cards online and use them toward any purchase you make at Here Queryreview will discuss about Walmart Steam Cards.

Walmart Steam Cards along with a bouquet of Common baby's-breath, brown color gift box and Eucalyptus polyanthemos leves.
Walmart Steam Cards along with a bouquet of Common baby’s-breath, brown color gift box and Eucalyptus polyanthemos leves.

What Are Walmart Steam Cards? How Do You Get Them?

The Walmart Steam Card is a prepaid card that allows gamers to make purchases on the Steam Store. The card can be used in any country, but it can’t be used for gift-buying or trades.

Walmart has been selling the cards since 2016, with $10 cards going for $5 and $20 cards going for $10. The cards are sold in stores and online through Walmart’s website.

The cards are available in three denominations: $10, $20, and $50. You can also buy them in bulk packs of 20 at a time for about half the cost of individual cards (you can’t mix and match).

What Can You Buy With Walmart Steam Cards?

There are many things you can buy with Walmart Steam cards. But we will list some of the most popular items that people love to purchase with them.

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Video Games: There are many video games on Steam that you can purchase with your Walmart card. With these games, you get a wide variety of options to choose from and enjoy for hours upon hours. You can choose from different genres and play them at any time. To make things even more fun, there are also many multiplayer options available for each game so that you can play against friends or strangers online!

Movies: Another great thing about using these cards is that they allow you to watch movies as well! There are many popular films available on Steam that you would normally have to pay for but now, with this card, you don’t have to! It’s an amazing feature since it allows people who may not be able to afford those films a chance at watching them without having to pay out of pocket!

What Are The Different Types Of Walmart Steam Cards?

There are several different types of Walmart Steam cards:

Digital Wallet: This is a digital version of your gift card that can be sent via email or text message. You can also add funds to your gift card by using the Walmart app.

Physical Card: These are plastic cards that come in different denominations and can be used at any Walmart or Sam’s Club location. They can also be used at other stores that accept American Express payment methods.

Physical eGift Card: This is an electronic version of a physical gift card, but it’s stored on your phone and can be used just like a regular eGift Card. It’s often sent via email or text message, but you may also receive them as a physical card. You can also add funds to these eGift Cards by using the Walmart app or website.)

How Much Do Walmart Steam Cards Cost?

Walmart is a great place to shop for all your favorite video games, but did you know that you can get Steam gift cards at Walmart as well? These are perfect for anyone who loves playing PC games. The cost of these cards varies from store to store, but you’ll be able to find them at most Walmarts.

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There are a few different kinds of cards available from Walmart. The most popular one is the $20 card that comes in a colorful box and has an image of Gabe Newell on it. This is the most popular card available and has been for years now. It’s also the cheapest option at $20 per card. There are also other options available if you want something different than just an ordinary gift card or if your friend or family member has already used up their $20 card.

Where Can I Use My Walmart Steam Cards?

Walmart steam cards are used to purchase games, software and other digital products on the Steam gaming platform. They’re available in different denominations, including $20 and $50. You can find them at Walmart stores or online at

Walmart steam cards can be redeemed through the Steam Wallet, which is a feature of the Steam client program. The wallet allows you to store money that you use to buy games and other items through your Steam account. When you buy items using your Steam Wallet, they’re automatically downloaded to your computer and installed on your hard drive.

If you don’t have a credit card that works with Steam, then Walmart steam cards are an easy way to add funds to your wallet without having to provide payment information online or over the phone.

Walmart steam cards can also be used for other types of purchases besides just games and software. For example, if you want to buy something from the Steam Community Market — where users sell their own in-game items — then you can use your card to purchase virtual goods from other gamers directly instead of paying with real money or credit cards.


Walmart Steam Cards can be used to purchase a wide range of products including video games, movies, electronics, toys and more! You can also buy prepaid cards that are good for other things like music downloads or magazine subscriptions. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Does Walmart Sell Steam Cards?

What is a Walmart gift card?

A Walmart gift card is a payment method that can be used to make purchases at Walmart stores and online. You can use your Walmart gift card to buy groceries, clothing, electronics, toys and much more.

How much can I spend on my Walmart gift card?

The amount of money on your Walmart gift card will vary depending on the type of card you purchase at the store or online.

What is the minimum age to purchase a Walmart Steam Card?

You must be 18 years old or older to purchase any Walmart gift card or eGift Card.

How do I add value to my Walmart Steam Card?

You can add value to your Walmart Steam Card by visiting our website at or by calling 1-800-985-8984. You will need to enter the card number and PIN number located on the back of the card in order to add value. You can also check your balance online at any time by visiting our website at or calling 1-800-985-8984.

What if my card is lost or stolen? Can it be replaced?

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately toll-free at 1-800-925-0204 (toll free).

How do I redeem my Walmart Steam Card?

To redeem your card, visit and go through the process of adding funds to your wallet. This can be done by entering the code on the back of your card onto the screen displayed during checkout (you may need to select “Enter a gift code” as your payment method).

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