Walmart General Merchandise (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours)

General Merchandise job is a career opportunity with the largest employer in the world. This job is responsible for providing a positive customer experience by operating cash registers and accepting payments on behalf of Walmart, as well as stocking and maintaining displays and merchandise. Here Queryreview will discuss about General Merchandise job at Walmart.

General Merchandise employee At Walmart Store to checking the stock at Inventory by using iPad and wearing blue color cap and uniform.
General Merchandise employee At Walmart Store to checking the stock at Inventory by using iPad and wearing blue color cap and uniform.

What Is General Merchandise Job At Walmart? How Do I Apply To The General Merchandise Position At Walmart?

The General Merchandise job description states that employees will be responsible for assisting customers with any questions they may have about their purchase or any other services that are offered at Walmart stores nationwide. Employees must be able to answer questions about pricing, discounts, promotions, return policies and other important information regarding merchandise being sold at all times when working at Walmart stores.

The first thing you need to know when applying for a job in General Merchandise at Walmart is whether you will be working on the sales floor or as part of an inventory team handling merchandising tasks such as restocking shelves or organizing stockrooms.

If you work with customers directly then it will be necessary to have excellent customer service skills and an outgoing personality as well as an understanding of basic accounting principles such as profit margins and mark-ups. If you are part of an inventory team then it is important that you display strong organizational skills and attention to detail since these are essential qualities for anyone working in this field.

What Are The Qualifications For The General Merchandise Position At Walmart?

You must be able to demonstrate good communication skills and have an understanding of business trends and customer needs. You also need an aptitude for sales and merchandising. The ideal candidate will have experience managing people and have some training in accounting or business management.

Walmart offers excellent benefits for its employees including health insurance coverage, vacation days, paid holidays and 401k plans. You may also be eligible for tuition reimbursement if you want to further your education through online classes or on-site courses at local colleges and universities.

What Are The Duties Of A General Merchandise Associate At Walmart?

General merchandise associates at Walmart are responsible for ensuring that customers have a pleasant shopping experience. They also assist customers in finding items, cashiering and stocking products, taking inventory, and keeping the store clean. Most of their work is done in front of the customer as they greet them at the door, help them find what they are looking for and answer any questions they may have.

Walmart associates must be able to keep calm under pressure and handle stressful situations calmly and professionally. They must also be able to multitask between multiple tasks while still being able to complete them all in a timely manner. If you enjoy working with people and want to be part of a team that provides excellent customer service then this may be the job for you!

How Much Do General Merchandisers Make At Walmart?

Walmart has a number of different pay grades and salary ranges. The starting salary for an employee who does not have prior experience with the company is $9 an hour, which increases to $10 after 90 days.

If you have prior experience in retail, you can earn as much as $13.50 an hour; however, this is only if you have at least six months of experience. If you do not have any prior experience, your hourly rate will be $11 or more per hour based on the level of training that you receive from your employer.

What Benefits Are Available To General Merchandise Employees At Walmart?

The general merchandise employee benefits are designed to help employees get the most out of their careers at Walmart. The company offers a variety of employee benefits, including health insurance, discount programs, retirement savings plans and more.

Health Insurance for General Merchandise Employees at Walmart

Walmart offers health care coverage to its employees and their dependents. Employees can choose between two plans: the Traditional Plan and the Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan.

The Traditional Plan is an affordable option that covers a wide range of medical care, including doctor visits and hospitalization. You must enroll in this plan during your first 30 days of employment with Walmart or within 30 days of your eligibility date if you already have another employer’s health insurance plan.

The HSA Plan requires you to contribute money into a tax-advantaged account that you can use to pay for medical expenses not covered by your health plan. You have the option to choose either an individual or family plan with this option. If you’re eligible for both types of plans, you must sign up for the HSA Plan within 60 days after enrolling in Walmart’s health insurance program.

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As part of their hiring process for general merchandise jobs at Walmart, applicants must complete an application and submit it along with copies of their resume, transcripts from any college attended and any certificates received from training programs completed within the last two years. If hired, new employees will undergo training for their specific position prior to being placed on the payroll full time. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

FAQ’s About

What is the job description of a general merchandise associate?

General merchandise associates help customers find what they need, provide answers to their questions, and check out their purchases. They also receive and unpack incoming shipments, stock merchandise on the sales floor, and keep the store clean.

What hours will I work as a general merchandise employee?

General merchandise associates work a variety of shifts that include early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays as needed by the business.

What are some of my responsibilities as a general merchandise employee?

Help customers find what they need by asking questions, recommending options and making suggestions based on product knowledge; answering questions about pricing and promotions; directing customers to other departments within the store; greeting customers;

What are the benefits of working at Walmart?

Benefits vary by job and location, but include health care coverage, 401(k), paid time off and career training. We also offer competitive wages and career advancement opportunities.

What is the minimum age to work at Walmart?

The minimum age to work at Walmart is 18 years old.

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