Does McDonald’s Have A Dollar Menu? Dollar Menu List, Items

McDonald’s has a Dollar Menu, but it’s not what you think.

It’s true that McDonald’s does have a Dollar Menu, but it’s not what most people think. The “Dollar Menu” is actually just a list of the items that are $1, and those items aren’t necessarily on the menu. They’re just the cheapest things on the menu.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of other options that are cheap enough to make you say “dollar!”

Does McDonald’s Have A Dollar Menu? Dollar Menu List, Items

As much of a fast food giant that McDonald’s is, they don’t actually have a dollar menu. However, they do have a selection of items that are $1 or less and these are called “Dollar Menu” items. These items are available at most locations and include things like sandwiches, fries, soft drinks and desserts.

If you’re looking for some cheap breakfast options from McDonald’s then check out our list of their most popular breakfast items under $2!

How many items & Prices are on the Mcdonald’s Dollar Menu? Menu list

The Dollar Menu at McDonald’s has nine items. The following are the menu items and prices:

  1. Sausage Burrito – $1.00
  2. Hash Browns – $1.00
  3. Cinnamon Melts – $1.00
  4. Sausage McGriddles – $1.00
  5. Cheesy Bacon Flatbread – $1.00
  6. 2-piece Buttermilk Crispy Tenders Meal with Medium Drink or Side & Medium Fountain Drink – $4.99
  7. McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Medium Fries or Side & Medium Fountain Drink – $4.99
  8. $2 Double Cheeseburger Meal with Medium Fries or Side & Medium Fountain Drink – $4.99
  9. $5 Big Mac Meal with Medium Fries or Side & Medium Fountain Drink – $5
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Are there any new items on the Dollar Menu? New Menu Items

The Dollar Menu at McDonald’s is the perfect place to find your favorite quick eats.

But what if you want something new?

Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you: there are new items on the Dollar Menu now! And they’re all under $2.

Check out these delicious options:

  • Four piece buttermilk crispy chicken tenders for only $1.19
  • A medium McCafe coffee for only $1.09 or a large for only $1.19
  • A McFlurry with M&M’s Minis for only $1.19

Is there an expiration date on your dollar menu items?

As you can see from the Dollar Menu List, there is not an expiration date on any of the McDonald’s items. This is because the Dollar Menu changes regularly, with new items added and others removed. When new items are added to the menu, they are not automatically removed from the previous dollar menu.

However, if you want to ensure that your food is as fresh and delicious as possible, we recommend eating it within the first two days of purchase.

Are you going to expand the number of items on your dollar menu?

The Dollar Menu is a part of McDonald’s that offers a variety of items for $1 or less. The menu includes items like Happy Meals, soft drinks, and McCafe beverages.

The Dollar Menu will soon be expanding to include more items in order to make it easier for customers to find something they’ll love at a price they can afford. If you’re looking for something specific, ask your local McDonald’s manager about the current options available on the Dollar Menu!

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What are the best items from the McDonald’s dollar menu?

It’s time to get your grub on with the McDonald’s Dollar Menu. With items like the McDouble and McChicken, there’s something for everyone at this fast food joint.

The Dollar Menu has been around since 2002 and has expanded to include over 20 items. It features popular favorites like Chicken McNuggets, french fries, and apple pies. The menu also includes some healthy options such as yogurt parfaits, salads, and oatmeal. You can find a full list of items on the McDonald’s website or by downloading the app.

If you’re looking for something specific, here are some of our favorite picks from the Dollar Menu:

1) McDouble: This burger has two beef patties and two slices of cheese for just $1! Why not try one with a side of fries?

2) McChicken: Another classic from McDonald’s is the McChicken sandwich. This sandwich comes with a breaded chicken patty topped with mayo and lettuce—it’s delicious!

3) Big Mac: If you’ve never tried a Big Mac before, now is your chance!

Do you have to buy a drink on the dollar menu? Soft Drinks/Beverages

The answer is no, but only if you order off of the McCafe menu and not the Dollar Menu.

The Dollar Menu includes items like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sausage burritos and McChicken sandwiches. All of these items are sold for $1 each. However, if you’re looking to save money on your fast food order, then it’s recommended that you skip these items and opt for one of the McCafe beverages instead.

McCafe beverages include beverages such as coffee drinks, hot chocolate and smoothies that can all be purchased for just $1 each.

Are there restrictions on what can be ordered from the Dollar Menu?

The McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a great place to get your favorite items at a great price. But are there restrictions on what can be ordered from the Dollar Menu?

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Yes! There are some restrictions on what can be ordered from the Dollar Menu. You may not order:

  • More than two burgers or patties
  • More than five sandwiches
  • More than 10 drinks


Does McDonald’s Have A Dollar Menu?

Yes! You can grab a meal at any McDonald’s for just $1. The Dollar Menu list features your favorite items from the menu, from burgers and fries to chicken nuggets and ice cream cones.

Where Can I Find The Dollar Menu?

You can find the Dollar Menu list at every McDonald’s location in America, including drive-thrus. Just look for the sign above the counter or ask your cashier for help locating it!

What Items Are On The Dollar Menu?

The menu includes burgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, soft drinks, and desserts, as well as breakfast options like Egg McMuffins and Sausage McGriddles.

Is there a McPick 2 option on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu?

Yes! With this option you can choose two items from any part of the menu for just $2! This is a great way to try new things if you’re not sure what exactly you want to order yet.

How many calories are in an item from the McDonald’s Dollar Menu?

A lot! Just about everything has around 500-600 calories per item (that’s about half your daily intake). If you’re watching your weight or counting calories then this might not be the best choice for you!

How much does it cost to buy from McDonald’s?

If you are looking to save money on your next meal, you may want to consider ordering off of their Dollar Menu. With this menu item list, you can choose what items you want and how many of them. The prices listed below are for one item unless otherwise noted:
$1 McDouble

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