Does Chick Fil A Have Electronic Gift Cards?

You may be wondering if Chick Fil A offers electronic gift cards. You’re in luck—they do! If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to give someone a gift card from Chick Fil A, you can find them in any store.

Gift cards can be used for anything on the menu, including drinks, food and desserts. There are no restrictions on how much you can spend or what time of day you use your gift card (although some locations may have limited hours).

All gift cards come with a PIN number that you can use to check your balance online at any time. This makes it easy to see how much is left on your card so there’s no risk of overspending!

Chick Fil A Electronic Gift Cards can be done through digital payments. A person giving credit card to the other person for electronic payments through swipe machine, beside there is a laptop.
Chick Fil A Electronic Gift Cards can be done through digital payments. A person giving credit card to the other person for electronic payments through swipe machine, beside there is a laptop.

Does Chick Fil A Have Electronic Gift Cards?

Chick-fil-A has a few different types of gift cards, including electronic gift cards. These can be used in any Chick-fil-A location, and you can use them to pay for your food and drinks at the counter or drive-thru. You can also use them to order ahead and skip the line when you pick up your meal.

Chick-fil-A has two types of electronic gift cards: One is a physical card that looks like an actual credit card, and the other is an online code that can be redeemed online or on a mobile device.

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You can purchase electronic gift cards at Chick-fil-A restaurants or online through official website, where you’ll also find more information about how to use them.

How much does an electronic gift card cost?

Chick fil a has the best sandwiches and chicken around, but it’s also one of the most expensive places to eat. An average meal there will set you back around $10-15, which is steep for a fast food joint.

But did you know that they have electronic gift cards available? It’s true! The gift card can be used at any of their locations, and it only costs $2 to purchase it. You can buy one here:

How do I redeem my electronic gift card?

To redeem your electronic gift card, simply:

  1. Click the link to the Chick-fil-A website in your email
  2. Login with your existing Chick-fil-A account or create a new one
  3. Click “Redeem Gift Card”
  4. Enter the code from your email into the box and click “Redeem”

What if I want to return an item purchased with an electronic gift card?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy with your purchase. If you purchased it with an electronic gift card and would like to return it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Bring your Chick-fil-A Gift Card and ID to the store where you made your purchase.
  2. You will be required to complete a refund process form and give it to the cashier at the time of return.
  3. Once your refund has been processed, a receipt will be printed for you showing how much money was refunded on your gift card. The remaining balance can be spent on a future purchase at any Chick-fil-A restaurant in our system or redeemed for cash from the register at any Chick-fil-A restaurant in our system
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How do I check my balance on my Chick Fil A gift card?

To check your Chick-fil-A gift card balance, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Chick-fil-A website at
  2. Click on the “Check Balance” button under the Header section of the page
  3. Enter your gift card number and PIN in the fields provided

Are there any restrictions on which Chick Fil A locations will accept an electronic gift card?

You can use the Chick-fil-A app to purchase an electronic gift card for any location. You can also purchase one online at the website.

You can use your gift card at any Chick-fil-A location in the United States and at any participating Chick-fil-A restaurant in Canada.

How long does it take to receive a Chick Fil A gift card after I order it?

It depends on what you’re ordering. If you’re just purchasing a gift card, then it will take about one business day to get the card in the mail. If you’re ordering food and drink, then it may take longer because the store will need to prepare your order.


How Do I Use My Electronic Gift Card?

To check the balance of your card, simply enter the card number and PIN into the “Gift Card” section on our website or scan your card using the Chick-fil-A Mobile App.

How Do I Redeem My Electronic Gift Card?

Simply present your electronic gift card at any participating Chick-fil-A restaurant to pay for your purchase. You can also use your eGift card to pay for catering orders placed through our catering portal by selecting “Electronic Gift Card” as your payment method during checkout.

How long do they take to deliver my gift card?

It takes about 5 days for your order to be processed and mailed out after you place your order online.

Can I use my Chick-fil-A app on my phone to pay?

Yes! You can use your phone to pay by scanning your barcode at checkout—just make sure you have the latest version of our app installed on your device before heading out to eat. You’ll also earn rewards points every time you pay using this method.

How do I check my balance on my electronic gift card?

You can check your balance online by visiting our website and logging in with your email address or Facebook account information (if you’re logged into Facebook). You can also check online through our mobile app (iOS only).

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