Best Buy TV Warranty In 2023

Best Buy retailing industry is offering a TV protection plan that covers all brands and models of TVs sold at Best Buy. The plan covers the purchase price of your TV, which means if your TV breaks, you get a new one. If your TV needs service, they will repair it or replace it with a similar model at no charge to you.

There are no deductibles or hidden fees and claims can be filed as many times as needed during the coverage period.

Do TVs Come With Warranty At Best Buy?

Yes! All TVs sold at Best Buy company come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We offer several different types of warranties, including in-home service, extended care and accidental damage protection. You can learn more about the different types of warranties available here.

If you have questions about your TV’s warranty coverage, please contact us or visit our Product Support Center to get the answers you need.

How Long Is Best Buy’s TV Warranty?

Best Buy Superstores offers a one-year warranty on its TVs. If you buy an extended warranty, you can get up to three years of coverage.

Best Buy’s in-store warranty covers defects that occur during normal usage. This includes dead pixels or burn-in, as well as manufacturer defects. If the TV stops working within the first year, you can return it to the store for repair or replacement.

Will Best Buy Replace My Broken TV?

Best Buy Company might replace your broken TV ,but not all the time it depends on the circumstances tat led to the TV damage. For example, Best Buy retailing industry will automatically replace your TV if it breaks while delivery and installation By Best Buy persons.

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And you must need to be under the Geek Squad Protection and Support Plus to get the total coverage for the accidental damages. With that, the three or five-year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plans enable customers to have coverage for broken TVs.

How Do I Claim My Best Buy TV Warranty?

The best way to get a warranty on your TV is to buy it from Best Buy. If you bought your television elsewhere, you’re out of luck.

If you did buy from Best Buy and have a problem with the TV, you can call us at 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289) or visit our website at for more information about our warranty coverage. You’ll need to provide the following information:

The date of purchase (you can look it up by entering your SNID into the search box on our website). The serial number of your product (located on the back or bottom of your product). Your original purchase receipt or an account statement showing proof of purchase.

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How Much Does Best Buy Charge To Repair A TV?

It depends on the TV and damage. There’s no one single price you can expect in every case.

Repairs can vary greatly depending on the type of television and what’s wrong with it. For example, if the screen is cracked or there are water or smoke damage issues, repairs could cost hundreds of dollars. If there’s a simple problem like a blown fuse or bulb, though, you’re looking at a much lower price tag.

However, if you repair your TV without Geek Squad Protection, the average nation repair cost is as follows:

  • TV Panel: $1320 -$3200
  • Main System board: $361
  • Power Supply: $270
  • Speakers: $260
  • Inputs: $260

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