Best Buy Gift Card Return Policy 

The Best Buy gift card is a prepaid card that can be used at any of the company’s locations. It cannot be redeemed for cash and is not refundable or replaceable if lost or stolen.

If you have an unused Best Buy gift card, you may be able to return it and get your money back. The company has a strict policy regarding returns of its gift cards. If you do not use the entire amount on your gift card, you can only return part of it if the entire amount was spent on a single purchase.

Returns are not accepted if you have used part of the amount on one purchase and then want to return some amount for another purchase.

You will also have to pay a $5 fee for each returned gift card.

Can I Replace An E-Gift Card At Best Buy?

Yes, you can replace an E-gift card at Best Buy company.

You need to know the order number of the E-gift card, which is located on the receipt. You also need to have a gift card number and PIN, or personal identification number, for it. If you don’t have these things, then you can’t replace it.

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To replace a damaged or lost E-gift card, go to and click on the “My Account” link in the upper right corner. Then click on “Your Order History” and find the order under which you purchased your E-gift card. Click on that order number and then click on “View Order Details.” Scroll down until you see “How To Redeem Your Gift Card.” Click on that link and follow the instructions to get your new E-gift card code delivered to your email address.

Can I Return A Damaged Gift Card To Best Buy?

If you have a damaged gift card, you can return it to Best Buy retailer and get a refund.

To return your gift card, visit the website of Best Buy industry and create an account or log into your existing account. Then, select the “My Best Buy” option in the upper-right corner of the page.

Next, click on “Manage My Gift Card.” From there, you can either enter the 16-digit number on your gift card or scan its barcode using your phone’s camera. After that, click on “Return This Item” to proceed with your return request.

You’ll need to provide a reason for returning your gift card as well as a receipt or proof of purchase if you don’t already have one saved with My Best Buy’s.

Will I Get Cashback If I Cancelled An Order Purchased With A Best Buy Gift Card?

Yes, you can get cashback if you cancelled an order purchased with a Best Buy gift card. You will be charged the standard cancellation fee of $5 plus shipping and handling cost for each item in your order.

If you made a purchase using multiple payment methods, you will be charged the standard cancellation fee plus the additional shipping and handling costs for each payment method used to place your order. In other words, if you used both a credit card and a Best Buy gift card to purchase an item, we will charge you $5 plus the cost of shipping and handling for both items.

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Can I Return Items Bought With A Gift Card To Best Buy?

Yes, you can return items bought with a gift card to Best Buy retailing industry.

If you have any questions about the process, check out our article on how to return items purchased from Best Buy Company.

Returning items purchased with a gift card is not different from other returns. The only difference is that you need to tell them that you want to return an item bought with a gift card and provide them with the number of that particular card.

You can’t return some items, such as E-gift cards or prepaid cards, but most physical gift cards are accepted.

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