Who Makes Costco Golf Clubs? Costco Golf Club Review 

Costco offers an extensive selection of golf clubs at very reasonable prices (as compared to other retailers). Their club sets include everything you need to get started playing golf: driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, putters and more. Costco’s prices are quite low compared to other retailers who sell similar products. These low prices make it easier for consumers like you or me who don’t have much money but still want to enjoy playing golf!

Who Makes Costco Golf Clubs? Does Costco Have Golf Clubs?

Costco sells golf clubs from several manufacturers, including Callaway, TaylorMade and Wilson Staff. Costco offers a wide selection of golf clubs for both men and women, with a range of price points available. The company also offers golf balls and other accessories for golfers who want to improve their game.

When Does Costco Sell Golf Clubs? Are Costco Golf Balls Any Good?

Costco usually only sells golf clubs during certain times of year, and that time varies depending on the type of club you are looking for. For example, their metal wood sets are only available in the spring and summer months. Their Ping brand irons are only available during certain months as well. If you want to find out when particular brands will be available at your local Costco store then check out their website or call them directly at 800-774-2678.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Golf Clubs From Costco?

Costco has an amazing selection of golf clubs available at great prices. Whether you are looking for new clubs or used clubs, Costco has what you need and more. The best part about shopping at Costco is that they never charge sales tax on their products. If this isn’t enough to convince you to shop there, then take a look at these other benefits:

  • Great Selection – Costco offers an incredible selection of golf balls and other accessories as well as high-quality drivers and woods.
  • Great Prices – You can find everything from name-brand drivers at half the price of what other stores charge for them! Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $75 so there’s no reason not to buy from them!
  • Easy Returns Policy – If for some reason something doesn’t work out for

Where Are Costco Golf Clubs Made From? Golf Clubs Review

The Costco golf club is a great option for golfers looking to get their first set of clubs at an affordable price. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and irons. The irons are graphite shafted. They are made from high quality steel and have a soft feel for better distance control and accuracy.

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The Costco golf club has a traditional design with no major changes from conventional clubs. It comes with a headcover and wrench for tightening the grip. It also has an alignment guide built into the grip to help you improve your swing accuracy.

How Much Does Charge For Golf Clubs At Costco?

Costco has a huge selection of golf clubs and golf balls, including the Callaway Strata Ultimate Driver ($425), TaylorMade M4 Driver ($349), and Titleist 917 D2 Driver ($499). In addition to drivers, you can find irons sets from Titleist, Mizuno and Nike for under $200.

The most popular golf club set at Costco is the Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Set with Bag. This set includes an adjustable driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood and 9-wood along with irons 4-9, wedges (54 and 60 degrees) and a putter. The bag is large enough to hold all of these clubs plus two more sets if you want to take along a friend or two. The Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Set with Bag sells for $699 on Costco’s website but check your local store as they may have them in stock at a lower price.


If you are looking for the best golf clubs for your money, then Costco is the place to go. They have a wide selection of golf clubs and all of them are high quality. You can find everything from wedges to driver’s at Costco and they will last you for years to come.

FAQ’s About Costco Golf Club

What merchandise can I purchase at Costco Golf Club?

You can buy a wide variety of golfing equipment and clothing at Costco Golf Club. This includes clubs, golf balls, shoes, bags, hats and more.

How do I become a member of Costco Golf Club?

Joining is easy! All you need to do is go to the website and click “Join Today.” You will then be taken to a page where you can fill out your information and make your first purchase. You will have access to all available products once you have completed your membership registration process.

How much does it cost?

You can join Costco Golf Club for $110 per year or $50 per quarter.

What kind of deals can I find?

You can find deals on both weekends and weekdays, depending on the course and time you want to play.

Why should I join the Costco Golf Club?

The Costco Golf Club gives you access to some of the best golf courses in the country at a great price. Plus, you can bring a friend to play with you.

How do I join the Costco Golf Club?

To join, call 1-888-440-9667 or visit costcogolfclub.com/golf-club/join/. You will need to provide your name, address and contact information as well as answer a few questions about yourself and your golfing habits. Once approved, you will be sent an invitation letter with instructions on how to join online.

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