What Sauces Do Subway Have?(Different Sauce Options & Taste, Spicy Sauce, Signature Sauces)

Subway provides a variety of flavorful sauces to complement their sandwiches and wraps. From creamy and tangy to spicy and zesty, Subway offers a diverse range of sauce options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Some of the sauces available at Subway include Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Sweet Onion Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Chipotle Southwest Sauce, Sriracha Sauce, Oil and Vinegar, and Italian Dressing. These sauces offer a spectrum of flavors, allowing customers to customize their meals and add a delightful twist to their favorite Subway creations.

Whether you prefer the smooth and creamy texture of Mayonnaise, the tanginess of Mustard, or the sweet and savory combination of Sweet Onion Sauce, Subway has something to satisfy every palate. For those who enjoy a bit of heat, options like Buffalo Sauce, Chipotle Southwest Sauce, or Sriracha Sauce provide a spicy kick that elevates the flavor profile of sandwiches and wraps.

What Sauces Do Subway Have?

One of the joys of dining at Subway is the opportunity to customize your sandwich with a variety of sauces. From tangy and spicy to creamy and savory, Subway offers a range of sauce options to elevate the flavors of your meal. In this article, we will explore the sauce offerings at Subway, including popular choices, spicy options, creamy alternatives, low-fat alternatives, and any special or signature sauces available.

What sauce options are available at Subway?

Subway provides a diverse selection of sauces to enhance the taste of your sandwich. The sauce options may vary slightly depending on location, but some common choices include:

  1. Here are some of the sauce offerings you can find at Subway:
  2. Mayonnaise: A classic and creamy choice, mayonnaise adds a smooth and rich texture to your sandwich.
  3. Mustard: Tangy and slightly spicy, mustard brings a flavorful punch that complements various sandwich combinations.
  4. Ranch Dressing: This creamy and versatile dressing adds a cool and tangy element to your sandwich, adding a burst of flavor.
  5. Sweet Onion Sauce: A Subway fan favorite, the Sweet Onion Sauce offers a balance of sweet and tangy notes, enhancing the overall taste of your meal.
  6. Honey Mustard Sauce: The combination of sweet and tangy flavors makes Honey Mustard Sauce a popular choice, adding a touch of sweetness to your sandwich.
  7. Barbecue Sauce: For those who enjoy a smoky and savory profile, Barbecue Sauce brings a distinct flavor that pairs well with various meat options.
  8. Buffalo Sauce: With a spicy kick, Buffalo Sauce offers a fiery flavor that adds excitement to your sandwich, appealing to those who enjoy some heat.
  9. Chipotle Southwest Sauce: This creamy and smoky sauce provides a robust flavor with a hint of spiciness, offering a unique taste experience.
  10. Sriracha Sauce: Known for its bold and spicy profile, Sriracha Sauce adds a fiery kick to your sandwich, providing a satisfying heat.
  11. Oil and Vinegar: For a lighter and tangy option, oil and vinegar offer a refreshing and zesty alternative to creamy sauces.
  12. Italian Dressing: With a blend of herbs and spices, Italian Dressing adds a burst of flavor that complements a variety of sandwich ingredients.
  13. It’s important to note that sauce availability may vary depending on location, and Subway occasionally introduces limited-time or seasonal sauces to provide customers with new and exciting flavor experiences.
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Which sauces at Subway are considered the most popular?

Among the numerous sauce choices at Subway, some sauces have gained popularity among customers. The top favorites include Mayonnaise, Mustard, Sweet Onion Sauce, and Chipotle Southwest Sauce. These sauces offer a range of flavors to complement various sandwich combinations.

Are there any spicy sauce options at Subway?

If you prefer a little kick of spice, Subway has you covered. Subway offers spicy sauce options such as Buffalo Sauce and Sriracha Sauce. These sauces add a fiery and flavorful element to your sandwich, satisfying the taste buds of spice enthusiasts.

Does Subway offer any creamy or mayonnaise-based sauces?

Subway recognizes the love for creamy and mayonnaise-based sauces. They provide Mayonnaise, Ranch Dressing, Sweet Onion Sauce, and Chipotle Southwest Sauce, all of which offer creamy textures and rich flavors. These sauces can enhance the taste profile of sandwiches and wraps, providing a satisfying and indulgent experience.

Are there any low-fat or reduced-calorie sauce options at Subway?

For those seeking healthier alternatives, Subway offers low-fat or reduced-calorie sauce options. Mustard and Italian Dressing are typically lower in fat and calories compared to creamy sauces like Mayonnaise or Ranch Dressing. These options allow you to enjoy the added flavor without compromising your dietary goals.

Do they offer any special or signature sauces?

Subway occasionally introduces special or signature sauces that add a unique touch to their sandwiches. Limited-time sauces, such as a seasonal sauce or a promotional flavor, may be available at certain locations or for a specific period. These special sauces provide an opportunity to try new and exciting flavors.

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Conclusion: Sauces play a vital role in elevating the taste and enjoyment of Subway sandwiches. From classic choices like Mayonnaise and Mustard to the zesty Buffalo Sauce and creamy Chipotle Southwest Sauce, Subway offers a wide range of sauce options to satisfy various palates. Whether you prefer a kick of spice or a creamy texture, Subway has something for everyone. With the ability to customize your sandwich, you can mix and match these sauces to create a flavor combination that suits your preferences. Next time you visit Subway, explore the sauce options and unleash a burst of deliciousness into your meal.


Can I mix and match sauces at Subway?

Yes, you can mix and match sauces at Subway to create your desired flavor combination.

Are there any sweet or tangy sauce options at Subway?

Yes, Subway offers sweet and tangy sauce options like Sweet Onion Sauce and Honey Mustard Sauce to add a flavorful twist to your sandwich.

Can I ask for extra sauce at Subway?

Yes, you can request extra sauce to be added to your sandwich or wrap at Subway.

Does Subway offer any reduced-sodium sauce options?

Subway doesn’t specifically advertise reduced-sodium sauce options, but selecting mustard or oil and vinegar as sauces can help reduce sodium intake compared to creamy or high-sodium options.

Can you recommend a sauce combination that pairs well with a specific Subway sandwich?

For a Subway Club sandwich, try a combination of Mayonnaise, Mustard, and a touch of Chipotle Southwest Sauce for a tangy and smoky flavor that complements the turkey, roast beef, and ham.

Are the sauce options the same for breakfast sandwiches at Subway?

The sauce options for breakfast sandwiches may differ by location, so it’s best to check with your local Subway for specific offerings.

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