Walmart Maintenance Technician (Duties, Pay, Qualities, Challenges)

The maintenance technician is responsible for maintaining the physical plant of the facility. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning and repairing restrooms, changing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, cleaning windows, and repairing broken furniture or equipment. The maintenance technician also troubleshoots all problems that may arise within the building, such as water leaks or plumbing issues. Here Queryreview will discuss about Walmart Maintenance Technician.

Walmart Maintenance Technician repaired a machine with the help of screwdriver at Walmart store.
Walmart Maintenance Technician repaired a machine with the help of screwdriver at Walmart store.

What Is A Walmart Maintenance Technician?

A Walmart Maintenance Technician is responsible for maintaining the physical state and appearance of Walmart stores. The Maintenance Technician performs all routine maintenance tasks, including carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical repair, as well as general cleaning inside and outside of the store. A Maintenance Technician can also be called a handyman or mechanic.

A Maintenance Technician may be required to maintain all areas of an assigned facility, including offices, breakrooms and restrooms. In addition to general maintenance duties, the position may also include installing new products such as refrigerators or freezers into their assigned facility.

What Are The Most Important Qualities Of A Walmart Maintenance Technician?

The most important qualities of a Walmart maintenance technician are:

  • Honesty and integrity. The ability to be honest with yourself and with others is the most important quality of a Walmart maintenance technician. You must be able to admit when you make a mistake and correct it immediately. It is also important that you do not lie to your customers or supervisors about any problems that may occur during your workday.
  • Problem-solving skills. As a Walmart maintenance technician, you will be expected to solve any problems that occur in the store during your shift. This includes fixing broken equipment, repairing minor electrical issues and more serious problems like leaks in the roof or flooding in the basement. You should also be able to solve problems by rerouting power where needed and turning off certain circuits if necessary.
  • Creativity and imagination. A Walmart maintenance technician will often find himself working on projects that require creativity and imagination because he has no idea what the problem is until he gets there. If there’s water leaking from somewhere into an aisle, for example, he may need to find out where exactly it’s coming from before he can fix it properly
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What Is The Most Challenging Part Of Working In Walmart Maintenance Technician?

Working in Walmart maintenance technician can be a challenging job. There are many aspects of the job that you have to deal with. The most challenging part of working in Walmart maintenance technician is the environment. It can get really hot and humid when you are working in the backroom, where all the appliances are located. You have to make sure that all the appliances are working properly before they are shipped out for sale.

Another aspect of the job that makes it challenging is dealing with people who come into the store and complain about something not working properly or being broken. You have to be able to handle these situations calmly because if you don’t then it can lead to some serious problems such as getting fired from your job or even worse being sued by someone who got hurt due to your negligence or carelessness while on duty as a Walmart maintenance technician!

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How Much Does Walmart Maintenance Technician Make?

Walmart maintenance technician jobs are in high demand. Walmart maintenance technicians are responsible for keeping the company’s fleet of transportation vehicles in good working condition. They also perform preventive maintenance on equipment used to stock and merchandise products, as well as other general repairs and maintenance tasks.

The average annual salary for a Walmart maintenance technician is $38,000, but the job can be lucrative with experience. A senior technician can expect to earn around $55,000 per year. The best way to increase your salary is through promotions to management positions. In these positions, salaries can range from $45,000 to $70,000 per year.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Walmart Maintenance Technician?

Walmart maintenance technicians work under the direction of other facility managers, supervisors or engineers. Their duties include checking for safety hazards, performing preventative maintenance tasks and repairing broken equipment or systems. They may also be asked to perform tasks related to installing new equipment or making changes to existing systems. They may also be tasked with helping other employees by answering questions about how to use the equipment they work on.

The typical time required to complete a Walmart maintenance technician program varies depending on whether you attend classes at night or during the day. If you attend classes during the day, it will take about two years for you to complete your studies. Those who attend classes at night can complete this course in about one year.


The maintenance technician performs a variety of duties related to the upkeep of Walmart facilities. They may perform tasks such as replacing light fixtures, repairing broken items, cleaning floors and windows, and disposing of trash. Maintenance technicians also troubleshoot problems with appliances such as refrigerators and freezers in grocery stores. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Walmart Maintenance Technician

What is a Walmart Maintenance Technician?

A Walmart Maintenance Technician is responsible for repairing and maintaining the building and grounds of the store, as well as performing preventive maintenance on all equipment.

What are some examples of what I would do as a Walmart Maintenance Technician?

You will be responsible for performing preventative maintenance on all equipment, fixtures, and building systems.

What does a Walmart Maintenance Technician do?

Walmart Maintenance Technicians are responsible for all maintenance activities in the store. This includes all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems as well as building repairs, cleaning and maintaining restrooms and general housekeeping, and stocking shelves with merchandise. The work can be physically demanding and requires the ability to lift up to 75 pounds.

What are the qualifications to be a Walmart Maintenance Technician?

Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; 2-3 years experience in general maintenance, construction or building trades; ability to read blueprints or similar drawings; ability to work in all weather conditions; ability to drive company vehicles (mechanical aptitude required).

What is a maintenance technician?

Maintenance technicians perform routine and preventive maintenance on a variety of equipment, systems and structures. This includes inspecting facilities and equipment, diagnosing problems, repairing components, adjusting parts and performing preventative maintenance measures.

What is the starting salary?

The average annual salary for a Walmart maintenance technician is $38,000, but the job can be lucrative with experience. A senior technician can expect to earn around $55,000 per year.

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