Does Walmart Make Keys? (Price, Quality, FAQ’s)

Yes, Walmart does make keys. In fact, you can get a key made at any Walmart store by visiting the Electronics department. You’ll need to bring your old key with you and they’ll cut it down to fit your new lock. The cost of getting a key made at an electronics department is only $2.00 which includes tax. Queryreview will discuss about the different types of keys available in Walmart.

Walmart keys made by a man with key making machine with background of lot of different types of keys available
Does Walmart Make Keys (Price, Quality, FAQ’s)

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Key Made At Walmart?

The price for having a key made at Walmart also depends on where in the country you live. For example, if you live in Texas or California and want to have an apartment key copied, the cost may be more than it would be in other states.

The cost of having a key made at Walmart varies from store to store and depends on what type of key you need cut. For example, if you need a basic single-blade house key cut, you’ll pay about $5 at some stores and up to $10 elsewhere. If you need an advanced double-blade car key cut, expect to pay about $10-$15 (or more) at most stores nationwide.

What Is The Process For Getting Keys Made At Walmart?

The process for getting keys made at Walmart is fairly simple. You can either go to the customer service desk or use the self-service kiosk to order the keys. The customer service desk is usually located near the front entrance of the store.

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You will need to bring in your key, which should be able to fit into one of the key cutting machines at the customer service desk. If you do not have a spare key, then you may need to purchase one from Walmart as well.

Once you have your key provided by Walmart, you can then take it over to any of their kiosks and have them make a copy for you.

How Many Different Types Of Keys Are Available At Walmart? Queryreview Listed Out Different Keys

There are many different types of keys available at Walmart. Keychain fobs, key rings and key chains can be found in a variety of designs and styles. The most popular types of keys are door keys, car keys and garage keys. In addition to these common types of keys, there are others that have been developed specifically for certain brands of vehicles or homes.

Door Keys

Door keys are one of the most commonly used types of keys available at Walmart. They are used on all sorts of doors from residential homes to office buildings to apartment complexes. Door keys come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their purpose.

Car Keys

Car keys are another type of key found at Walmart that is widely used by millions of people every day across the country and around the world. Car keys consist of several parts including a remote control device that allows owners to start their engines without having to use the physical key itself.

What Is The Best Way To Get Keys Made At Walmart?

If you need to replace a lost key or need a spare, it’s easy to get keys made at Walmart. There are two different ways to go about this, depending on the type of keys you need.

If you have an old key that you want to copy, bring it with you to Walmart. You will not be able to make new copies of your own house key without taking your old one in for comparison first because there are so many different types of locks and keys in use today.

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If you do not have an old key at all, then Walmart can make one for you right away.

You will need to decide whether or not you want a key copied from another place or if they will be able to make one from scratch at their store. When they copy one from another place, they may need some information about the lock that it goes into so that they can match up the right tumblers correctly and ensure that the new key fits correctly before handing it over to their customer.

What Is The Name Of The Company That Makes Walmart’s Key-cutting Machine?

The company that makes Walmart’s key-cutting machine is called Master Lock. It’s one of the largest lock manufacturers in the world. They make a wide variety of locks, including padlocks, bike locks, and door locks. They also make security systems for homes and businesses.

Walmart uses Master Lock because they are one of the most trusted brands in the world. They have been making locks for over 100 years and have a reputation for quality products at affordable prices.


If you’ve lost your house key or need to make copies of your current keys, Walmart offers key cutting services at some locations. Before you head out with your key, though, check with your local store to confirm that they provide this service and what their prices are.

FAQ’s About Does Walmart Make Keys?

Can I get a key made at Walmart?

Yes. You can have your keys cut at any of our locations nationwide. Simply bring in the key that needs to be copied and we’ll do it for you in less than 5 minutes!

How do I pay for my key cutting service?

You have several options when paying for your key cutting service: cash, credit card or debit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). We also accept checks but please make sure they’re drawn on a US bank so we can easily deposit them into our account.

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What is the difference between a key and a key blank?

The difference between the two is that you can buy replacement keys for most vehicles, but not for most locks. A locksmith can remove the existing key from your lock, cut a new one, then put it back in place.

Can I use my old keys at Walmart?

Yes, as long as they are cut on site (within 30 minutes) using our new machine. We cannot take old keys and make them work because there are too many different types of keys for us to keep track of them all.

Do I need to pay shipping charges for key cutting services?

No, there are no additional charges for shipping when you use our online ordering system to get started with your key replacement project today!

Does Walmart offer key cutting services?

Yes, we do. Our associates will cut your key while you shop. We can also use your key to make a spare or duplicate key.

What types of keys can be cut at Walmart?

We can cut most types of house keys, car keys and motorcycle keys at no charge. However, some specialty keys may not be available at all locations. Please contact your local store for more information on what type of keys we can cut in your area.

Can I have my car keys cut at Walmart?

We can cut most types of car keys, but some specialty keys might not be available at the store. However, if you have an older model car that needs a key made, we can usually help you find one online that will work for you.

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