Walmart Employee Discount (Discounts, What Products To Buy, Friends & Family)

There are many benefits to working at Walmart, but the employee discount is among the best. The amount of savings you’ll get depends on your position and how long you’ve been with the company. As a general rule, the higher up you go in the company, the better deal you’ll get. Here’s how it works: Here Queryreview will discuss about Employee Discount at Walmart.

Employee Discount At Walmart applied by an employee along with laptop, spectacles, pen, papers, and a glass of water on a wooden table.
Employee Discount At Walmart applied by an employee along with laptop, spectacles, pen, papers, and a glass of water on a wooden table.

Does Walmart Have An Employee Discount?

The Walmart employee discount is a great way to save on your shopping at the store. You can get up to 15% off your purchases when you become a part of the rewards program. You have to work at Walmart in order to qualify for the employee discount, but it’s something that most stores do offer to their employees.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Walmart website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see all of the available discounts that are available to you based on your location (some stores offer different discounts than others).

As long as you’re working at Walmart and using this discount, it will always be active for you. This means that even if you leave your job, as long as you used it consistently before your departure, there should be no issues with continuing using it afterwards.

What Products Can You Buy With Walmart’s Employee Discount?

Groceries: If you shop at a Walmart Supercenter, Neighborhood Market, or Sam’s Club location, your savings will be 20% off most items. You can also use this discount on prescriptions at any pharmacy inside the store (including prescription refills). You can also use this discount on online grocery purchases through Walmart Grocery Delivery!

Clothing & Shoes: If you work in retail or warehousing, local laws may allow you to get up to an additional 10% off clothing and shoes depending on what state you live in. This isn’t always available though so make sure to ask your manager before purchasing anything. If you don’t work in retail or warehousing but do have access to these discounts as part of your job then they should apply as well!

How Do You Use An Employee Discount At Walmart?

If you work at Walmart and have an employee discount, then you can use it to get a discount on almost anything in the store. This includes everyday items, like toilet paper and toothpaste, as well as seasonal items, like school supplies and Christmas gifts.

If you want to take advantage of your employee discount at Walmart, all you need to do is show your ID at the register. If you don’t have your ID on hand, then ask a manager or supervisor for help. They will be able to look up your information in their computer system and confirm that you are an employee with a valid employee discount card.

Once your ID has been verified, then you can use your employee discount as often as you like. Just make sure that you buy enough products at once so that everything adds up to a total amount over $10. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of free shipping on orders over $35 from Walmart’s website (which is one of the best things about working there).

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Do Friends And Family Have Access To The Employee Discount?

Friends and family members of Walmart employees can get access to the employee discount as well.

However, there are some restrictions on how many people you can bring along with you.

The first is that you need an invitation from the employee in order to get access to this discount.

You also have to prove that you’re related to them by showing a driver’s license or other form of identification card.

Once they’ve verified this, they’ll give you a coupon code that gives you access to the same discounts that their employees receive.

Do Walmart Employees Have Access To Additional Discounts?

Walmart employees are eligible for a variety of discounts, including the employee discount and additional discounts on certain products.

The employee discount is available to all employees, not just those who work in the store. You can use it on any item that’s in stock at your local Walmart store. To get your discount, you’ll need to show your employee ID card or badge at checkout.

Some departments may have additional discounts available to their employees. For example, the automotive department offers discounts on services like oil changes and tire rotation, while the pharmacy offers prescription savings cards that help you save money on prescriptions.


You’re allowed to get your discount as soon as you start working for Walmart. Just keep track of your receipts and use them whenever possible. If you forget your receipt or don’t have one on hand, just show your employee ID card at checkout and they’ll adjust prices accordingly. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

FAQ’s About Employee Discount At Walmart

What is the employee discount at Walmart?
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Employees of Walmart and Sam’s Club receive a 15% discount on most items in the store. The discount applies to the first $10,000 spent annually per employee. Employees can order online, save time waiting in line, and avoid crowded parking lots by using the app.

Is the discount available in-store or online?

The discount is available in-store and online.

What types of products are eligible for the employee discount?

You can save on almost anything at Walmart, but some restrictions may apply. For example, not all electronics are included in the discount program, so be sure to check out our price match policy before you make a purchase.

How do I receive my employee discount?

Just show your employee ID at checkout and we’ll give you your discount automatically!

How do I check my employee discount card balance?

You can check your employee discount card balance by logging into your account on the Walmart website or by calling 1-888-823-4276. Your discount card balance is not available at any of our stores.

Can I use my employee discount card for online purchases?

At this time, we’re only able to process in-store purchases made with your employee discount card. We hope to add online functionality in the future.

What if I’m already retired or no longer work at Walmart? Can I still use my discount?

Yes! As long as you worked for Walmart within the past five years (and haven’t been fired or laid off), you can still use your employee discount card to save money on things like food and toys for your family at Walmart locations across the country.

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