Does Walmart Develop Film?(Price, Types, FAQ’s)

Walmart Develop Film offers a variety of services including conventional processing, digital scanning, prints and enlargements and photo restoration & manipulation. They also provide free photo finishing templates for customers who have purchased images from their website or mobile app.

A woman who is wearing Surgical gloves developing film through film developing machine at Walmart.
Does Walmart Develop Film(Price, Types, FAQ’s)

Does Walmart Develop Film? How Can I Get The Walmart Film Develop?

Walmart offers two options for film development: standard processing or one-hour service. For standard processing, you can drop off your film at any Walmart store or Sam’s Club location. For one-hour service, you’ll need to visit an UltraMax Center photo lab.

You can also have your photos printed in your local Walmart store. If you don’t want to wait for printing, then you can order prints online and pick them up in-store or have them shipped to you.

How Does Walmart Film Develop Work? How Does It Work?

Walmart film developing is a good way to save money on your photo processing needs. You can get your film developed at any Wal-Mart store, but there are some things you need to know about the process before you go ahead with it.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Place your exposed film in a Ziploc bag and seal it tightly. Make sure the package is labeled “Do Not X-Ray.”

Step 2: Take your package containing the film to any Walmart Photo Center, where an associate will check in your order at the counter.

Step 3: When your order is ready for pickup, an associate will give you a call with information about its status and time of arrival at the store location designated for pickup. You can also track this information online using Walmart’s website or app.

What Is The Cost Of The Walmart Film Develop? Queryreview Listed Out Prices Of Walmart Film Develop

Walmart offers all of its products at affordable prices, so it’s no surprise that they do so with their film developing service as well. This is one of the reasons why people love shopping at Walmart because they don’t have to spend a lot of money on anything they buy there.

So how much does it cost to get your film developed at Walmart? Well, if you’re looking for black & white or color prints, then you can expect to pay around $0.25 per print for both options. However, if you want 4×6 prints or 5×7 prints instead, then those will cost around $0.30 per print respectively.

The price is even cheaper if you’re ordering more than one photo at once since the company offers bulk discounts on orders over 100 photos (which means that your order would have to contain 100 photos in order for you to qualify).

What Was The Most Challenging Part Of Filming In The Walmart?

The most challenging part of filming in the Walmart was trying to get the shot. There were a lot of rules and regulations that we had to follow. We had to get permission from management before we could film, we had to have a permit, and we had to have our own security guard on set.

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It was difficult getting everyone ready for the shoot because everyone wanted to be involved. It took us a few hours just to get ready for the first scene. When we finally got going, it was like a circus. Everyone was running around trying to get their lines in order and make sure everything was perfect before we started filming.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Walmart Film Develop?

Walmart film developing is a great service that allows you to get your film developed at a very affordable price. It is also a great way to save some time, as you do not have to go out of your way to send your film off and wait for it to come back.

If you are wondering what are some of the benefits of using Walmart film developing then read on below.

The first benefit that you can expect from this service is that it allows you to save money on developing your films. There are quite a few times when people feel like they need to send their films off but they do not have time to do so.

Another benefit that comes with using this service is that it saves people from having to wait for their films for longer than usual since all photos are sent together and processed at once instead of being sent individually and having each one processed separately which would take much longer than usual


Walmart Develop Film is a film developing company that has been providing quality film developing services to photographers for more than 50 years. The company was founded in 1963 in Little Rock, Arkansas by John D. McAfee and his wife, Martha Jane McAfee. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Does Walmart Develop Film?

What is Walmart Film Develop?

Walmart Film Develop is a service that allows you to send in your film to be developed by Walmart Photo. It is currently available in select US stores, with plans to expand into all US stores later this year.

How do I use Walmart Film Develop?

You can find a list of participating stores at or by downloading the Walmart Film Develop app on Google Play or the App Store. Once you’ve found a store, simply go inside and show your order confirmation screen on your phone at any checkout lane where you see the “Film” sign. After that, just wait for your prints!

What is the cost of Walmart Film Develop?

The cost of developing film at Walmart varies based on the type and number of photos developed.

How do I send my photos to Walmart?

Once you have developed your photos, they must be sent back to Walmart using their prepaid mailer and envelope provided with your order.

When can I pick up my order?

Walmart Film Develop is located in our warehouse in North Hollywood, California. We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your needs.

How long does it take to develop film at Walmart?

It takes approximately 20 minutes to develop your pictures.

Can I bring my own film to Walmart?

No. We do not accept any other brand of film or print in our stores.

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