Walmart Cart Pusher (Duties, Pay, Typical Day )

The Walmart Cart Pusher is a new invention that will help you save time and energy when shopping at Walmart. The Cart Pusher is made of high quality materials that will provide you with many years of use. The cart pusher is designed to be used to push carts when they have been overfilled with items. This will allow you to move the cart without having to strain your back or break a sweat! Here Queryreview will discuss about cart pusher position details and duties.

Cart Pusher at Walmart Store pushing the cart contains vegetables, fruits and other grocery items at the store.
Cart Pusher at Walmart Store pushing the cart contains vegetables, fruits and other grocery items at the store.

What Does A Walmart Cart Pusher Do?

A cart pusher is a person who pushes shopping carts around a parking lot for hours on end. They are often paid minimum wage or less, and can have to deal with customers who don’t know how to park their carts. Walmart is the largest employer of cart pushers in the United States.

Cart pushing started as an informal job that anyone could do. However, as more and more people started doing it, the job became more competitive and required a license from Walmart itself. The licenses could be purchased online for $50 each, but this was later changed to requiring a background check and paying $100 per year for an ID badge that allowed you access to the parking lot.

Cart pushers were once closely associated with Walmart because they were paid so poorly that they were forced to live near their stores and needed them for transportation purposes. As wage increases over time made this less likely, many people stopped pushing carts altogether or quit once they had other options available to them.

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How Much Does A Walmart Cart Pusher Make?

The average pay for a Walmart cart pusher is $10 per hour. This is based on reports from, a website that provides salary information to help job seekers find fair wages and make better career decisions.

The pay rate for this position varies by location and experience level. Cart pushers with more than five years of experience can often expect to make more than $12 per hour at some locations. Those with less than two years of experience may only make around $8 per hour in some areas.

What Is A Typical Day Like As A Cart Pusher?

The cart pushers work the night shift, which means that they go to work at 10 p.m., when the store closes. There are usually eight to 10 employees on hand to help out during this time, but sometimes there are more or less depending on the needs of the store.

The job involves pushing carts from the parking lot into one of several storage areas located throughout the store. This process can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes per trip depending on how many carts are being pushed and how far away you need to push them from your starting point.

Once all of the carts have been moved into their proper places, it’s time for cleanup! This entails collecting any unclaimed items left behind by customers during their shopping trips and putting them back onto shelves or into bins where they belong.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Cart Pusher?

The answer depends on your experience and education level. If you have neither education nor experience, then the process will be longer than if you did have either one or both. If you have an associate degree or higher and can pass the drug test and background check, then it should only take about two weeks before you get your first paycheck as a cart pusher at Walmart.

What Are The Duties Of A Cart Pusher?

A cart pusher is a person who pushes or pulls carts in or out of the parking lot. They are usually paid hourly, and they are expected to be available to work any hours that the store requires them. They are also expected to have excellent customer service skills, because they need to interact with customers frequently.

The main duty of a cart pusher is to ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping experience. This means that they should be friendly and helpful while they are pushing their carts around the parking lot, as well as when assisting customers with loading their carts onto the ramps of their vehicles.

In addition to these duties, it’s important for cart pushers to make sure that all of their equipment is operating properly at all times. This includes making sure that there are no leaks in any of the tires on any carts being pushed around by the employee in question. It’s also important for them to make sure that there are no loose handles on any carts being pushed around by employees in question.


You can easily store this item away when not in use because it is small enough to fit into any storage space in your house or garage! When you need it next time, just pull it out again and start pushing those carts with ease! For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About

What is the job of a Cart Pusher?

Cart Pusher are responsible for pushing shopping carts inside and outside of the store. They also have to be able to load and unload carts, as well as stock merchandise.

What do I need to know about being a Cart Pusher at Walmart Store?

You will need to be able to lift up to 50 pounds, and be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time. You will also need to understand how to work with people of all ages, as well as other employees who may not always be in a good mood.

How much does a Cart Pusher make?

The average pay for a cart pusher is $10 per hour. This is based on reports from, a website that provides salary information to help job seekers find fair wages and make better career decisions.

What is Walmart’s definition of a cart pusher?

The Cart Pusher is responsible for the movement and control of shopping carts within the parking lots, drive-thru lanes and interior of our stores.

What does a Cart Pusher do?

Drive a cart from store to store within the parking lot and/or exterior areas; assisting customers with loading/unloading groceries into their cars or vehicles.

How long does a shift last?

Shifts vary in length depending on what time of year it is and how busy the store is. During peak times, shifts can be as short as four hours and during slower seasons, shifts can be as long as six hours.

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