Walmart Cakes-How To order It?(In Store, Online, Cost, Types)

Walmart Cakes is a great place to find all kinds of cakes. They are very reasonably priced, and they have a large selection of flavors. Walmart Cakes also has a lot of different designs to choose from, allowing you to customize your cake to your liking. Walmart Cakes offers plenty of sizes for the cakes as well. They offer mini cakes, which are perfect for parties or just dessert after dinner. They also offer large cakes, which are great for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Walmart Cakes are served with various color frostings  like pink, yellow, brown along with strawberry, cherry, kiwi fruit slices.
Walmart Cakes are served with various color frostings like pink, yellow, brown along with strawberry, cherry, kiwi fruit slices.

How Do I Order Walmart Cake? Can I Get My Walmart Cake Delivered Online?

You can order your Walmart cake online by visiting their website. You can also call them on 1-800-WALMART or stop by any store location to pick up your cake.

If you want to send a birthday cake to someone through this site, then you will have to pay for it in advance. It is possible to pay via credit card, cash or PayPal. It is also possible to pay with a check or money order if you prefer not to use your credit card for security reasons. If you do not have any funds in your account and do not want to use your credit card for security reasons, then it might be best to visit one of their stores instead of ordering online because they will accept cash payments at their stores as well as other forms of payment such as checks and money orders.

The next step involves choosing the type of cake that you want, then clicking on “add to cart” button so that you can add it into your shopping cart and continue shopping until you find all the items that you need for your party or event. Once all items are added into the shopping cart, click on “checkout” button.

What Is The Price Of Walmart Cake? What Are The Price Ranges?

You can buy a Walmart cake from your local Wal-Mart store or online. The price of the Walmart cakes varies depending on the size and design. The average cost of a Walmart cake is $20 to $30. You can also order cake online from Wal-Mart’s website and get it delivered at your doorstep within two days.

You can order any kind of cake you want and get discounts on birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Walmart offers birthday cakes for kids as well as adults in different sizes and flavors with matching decorations. They offer a wide variety of cakes such as chocolate fudge cake, strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake etc., which are available in different sizes like 6 inch round, 8 inch round etc..

What Are The Types Of Walmart Cake Available? Queryreview Listed Out Types Of Walmart Cakes

Walmart cake is one of the most popular types of cakes, both for its taste and price. It is available in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Walmart also offers a variety of frosting flavors for their cakes.

Walmart Cake Types:

Chocolate Cake: This is one of the most popular cake types from Walmart. It comes with a chocolate layer and chocolate icing on top. The cake can be customized by choosing the frosting flavor you want.

Vanilla Cake: This cake from Walmart comes with a vanilla layer and vanilla icing on top. You can customize it by choosing the frosting flavor you want.

Strawberry Cake: This cake from Walmart comes with a strawberry layer and strawberry icing on top. You can customize it by choosing the frosting flavor you want.

What Ingredients Are Used In Walmart Cakes?

The Walmart cake is a very popular product in the United States and it has been around for a long time. If you have never tried one, you should. They are very delicious and are made with high-quality ingredients. The Walmart cake is not only tasty but it is also very affordable.

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The Walmart cake contains many different ingredients which make it taste so good. Some of these ingredients include; flour, sugar, eggs, cream cheese, and other similar products. All of these ingredients go together to create an amazing tasting cake that everyone loves!

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Walmart Cake Over Other Cakes?

Walmart cake is one of the best cakes that you can find. There are many reasons for this. Some of the benefits include;

Walmart cake is very affordable. This means that you will not have any difficulty buying it. You should be in a position to buy it without having a problem with the cost of it.

Walmart cake has many flavors and varieties to choose from. This makes it possible for you to get what you want and enjoy your cake. You can get your favorite flavor and variety in Walmart cake.

Walmart cake is very delicious, this means that it will leave you wanting more because it tastes so good. The taste of Walmart cake is what makes most people want more of it once they try it out for the first time.


Walmart Cakes offers a wide selection of cakes for any occasion or celebration. Whether you need a birthday cake or a wedding cake, you can find it at Walmart Cakes. The company also offers custom cakes that are designed to reflect your personal taste and style. For example, if you want to give someone a special gift on their birthday but can’t be there to celebrate with them in person, consider ordering one of Walmart Cakes’ virtual birthday cakes instead! For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

FAQ’s About Walmart Cakes

What is the minimum order for Walmart Cakes?

The minimum order for Walmart Cakes is 3 dozen.

How long does it take to get my cake?

Once you place your order we will confirm with you the exact date of delivery. It usually takes 7 days from the date of confirmation, but it can be as short as 4 days or as long as 10 days. Please note that we do not deliver on Sundays or Mondays so orders placed on those days will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday respectively.

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What is the difference between Walmart Cakes and other brands?

Walmart Cakes are made from a unique, patented cake mix that includes real fruit juice (not just water) and fresh eggs. We use only fresh ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors.

How long will my Walmart Cake last?

Our cakes will last up to three days if you keep them refrigerated, or up to five days if you freeze them on the day it arrives. You will also receive an email with tips on how to store your cake once it arrives at your home.

What should I do if my Walmart Cake arrived broken?

If your cake arrived damaged, please contact us immediately at 1-800-Bakery (1-800-226-3944). We’ll arrange for a replacement cake to be sent out right away.

How do I order a cake?

To order a cake, go to and select “Cakes & Pastries” from the menu. Then, select the type of cake you want from the drop-down menu.

What are the available flavors?

You can choose from more than 50 different flavors such as chocolate fudge brownie, carrot cake and funfetti. Most cakes are available in two sizes: 8” or 10” round. There are also mini 4” round cakes available in most flavors. All cakes come with white buttercream frosting and your choice of sprinkles or jimmies on top of each layer of icing. You can also choose between chocolate fudge or vanilla bean cream cheese frosting as an option on any flavor cake with a cost per serving listed next to it.

Can I get my cake decorated?

Yes! Walmart Cakes offers many decorative options for your cake including fondant flowers, writing and edible images that can be placed on top of your freshly baked creation before serving it up at your next party!

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