How To Get A Money Order At Walmart? (Process, Price, FAQ’s)

A Walmart money order is a cashier’s check that you can get at any Walmart store. It’s basically the same as a regular cashier’s check, except that it can be purchased in-person at your local Walmart. If you need to pay for an item using a money order and don’t have time to wait for one to be mailed to you, then you might consider purchasing one at your local Walmart. You can also use them as gift cards or as payment for other services, such as rent payments or car repairs. You can even use them to pay bills online!

In order to get Walmart Money Order a person check their balance in a card swipping machine to buy a money order at the walmart store counter. And another person issuing through billing machine.
How To Get A Money Order At Walmart (Process, Price, FAQ’s)

What Is A Money Order At Walmart? Does Walmart Accept Money Orders For Purchase?

Walmart Money Order is a money order that you can purchase at Walmart store. It is accepted in any Walmart store, and it can be used to send money anywhere in the US.

A money order is a simple way to pay for goods and services, including purchases at Walmart. A money order can be purchased at many grocery stores and other retail outlets. Money orders are safer than cash, because they are traceable, replaceable and insured. Money orders are also convenient because they can be purchased in any amount, up to $1,000.

Yes! Walmart accepts money orders as payment for purchases made in their stores or online. The only requirement is that the money order must have been issued by a U.S.-based bank or credit union.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Money Order At Walmart?

The cost of a money order varies by state and by the amount you’re paying. In most states, it’s free to get a small money order, but the cost increases with the face value of the order you’re buying.

  • The cost of getting a money order at Walmart depends on the amount you want to purchase and where you’re located.
  • You can find the current rates online and in-store.
  • The maximum amount you can purchase is $1,000, but some locations may have different limits.
  • You’ll need to provide identification when getting a money order.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Money Order At Walmart?

Walmart Money Center is a fast and convenient way to cash your check and deposit money. You can even use the machine to send money to friends and family.

Walmart Money Orders can be processed in as little as 30 minutes at any Walmart store. You can purchase a money order for $1-$900, with a maximum of $1,000 on one money order. If you want to purchase more than $1,000 on one money order you need to visit a Walmart branch with the help of a teller. Once you’ve purchased your money order, it will be ready to pick up within the hour!

What Is The Difference Between A Money Order And A Check?

A money order is a payment option that allows you to send money to someone else. You purchase a money order at a post office or other location, and then fill out the amount and payee name on the front. The recipient can cash it at most banks as they would with a check.

A check is a payment option that allows you to pay an entity directly. You write the amount and payee name on the front of the check, then sign it on the back. The recipient cashes the check at the bank or deposits it into their account.

The main difference between these two methods is that money orders are purchased for specific amounts and are not available for use until after purchase, whereas checks can be written for any amount up to what’s currently in your bank account (even if there’s no money in there).

What Is The Process For Buying A Money Order At Walmart?

  • With Walmart, you can buy money orders at the customer service desk. The process is relatively simple and straightforward. You’ll need to show your driver’s license or other government-issued ID, though if you’re buying a money order for someone else, you’ll need to present that person’s ID as well.
  • You can buy a money order in any amount up to $1,000 (and any multiple of $500). You’ll also need to show proof of identification and provide payment for the amount of the purchase.
  • Once you’ve purchased the money order, it will be ready for pickup within 30 minutes.


Walmart Money Order is quick and easy to use. You simply fill out a form and pay for your purchase with cash, then you will get a receipt with your money order stamp on it. You can give this receipt to whoever you are sending money to, and they can use it just like cash at any Walmart store or grocery store, or many other businesses around the country that accept this kind of payment method. For more questions about our Qyeryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About How To Get A Money Order At Walmart?

What is a money order?

A money order is a payment method that allows you to send money through the mail. Money orders are issued by post offices and other financial institutions, and they can be used to pay bills or make purchases.

How do I use my money order?

You can use your money order in the same way as cash or a personal check. Simply present it to the cashier along with your payment and any identification required by the merchant.

How much does it cost to buy a money order?

It costs $2.50 for a money order up to $1,000. You’ll pay an additional 50 cents for each $500 in your order.

Do I need ID to purchase a money order?

Yes, you must provide identification when purchasing a money order at Walmart.

What kind of ID do I need to buy a money order?

To buy a money order, you will need valid photo identification that shows your name and current address. This can be your driver’s license, state ID or passport. If you don’t have any of these documents, bring another form of identification like a utility bill or paycheck stub that has your name and current address on it.

What is a money order refund policy?

Walmart will refund unused portions of your money order if you return it within 90 days from purchase date. The maximum amount allowed for refund is $1,000 per money order.

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