What Is Kroger Plus Card ? (Working, Registration, Accept Stores)

Kroger offers many different types of credit cards for their customers. One of these is the Kroger Plus Card. The Kroger Plus Card is a rewards card that allows you to earn points for every purchase you make at Kroger stores or online at kroger.com. You can then redeem these points for discounts on future purchases or gift cards from other retailers.

What Is Kroger Plus Card And How Does It Work?

Kroger Plus Card is a loyalty program that rewards you for shopping at Kroger stores. This card can be used to pay for groceries, fuel, pharmacy services and more at any Kroger store.

The Kroger Plus Card gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts, as well as free food at participating locations.

With the Kroger Plus card, you can earn points every time you shop at a Kroger grocery store. You can use these points to get money off your next purchase or exchange them for other prizes.

How Does Kroger Plus Card Works:

Once you sign up for the Kroger Plus Card program, you’ll receive a physical card with your account number on it. You can use this card at any Kroger store in the United States to pay for groceries or other items that are marked with the blue plus sign (which means they are eligible for discounts).

When you pay with your card, the cashier will scan it through a reader that connects to their register computer. This reader records the barcode on your card along with other information about what items were purchased so that it knows how much money should be deducted from your account balance when you check out.

How To Get A Kroger Plus Card And How Do I register It In online?

To get a Kroger card, you must become a member of the company’s rewards program. To do so, go to krogerrewards.com and sign up for an account using your phone number or email address as well as your birth date. Then enter your zip code and create a password to complete your registration process.

Once this is done, you will receive an activation code by text message or email within 24 hours of signing up for the program. Once you have entered your activation code into your account on krogerrewards.com, you can start using it by paying with it at any participating store location.

Steps to get a Kroger Plus Card are given below:

  • Go to kroger.com/shop/grocery-delivery-and-pickup and sign up for free delivery or pickup from your local store.
  • Select “Get Your Card” from the top menu bar on kroger.com/shop/grocery-delivery-and-pickup once you’ve registered for either pickup or delivery service.
  • This will take you to the Kroger Card page where you can purchase a card and add money to it using any major credit card or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover).

How Can I check The Balance On My Kroger Plus Card?

You can check your Kroger plus card balance through online, at any store or by phone.

  • Online: Go to www.kroger.com/grocery and click on the “Check your Balance” link in the footer. You will need your card number and PIN to access this feature.
  • At a store: You can also check your balance at any register when you make a purchase by selecting “Check Balance” on the screen that displays after you swipe your card. If you have multiple cards linked to one account, select the correct card from the drop-down menu before swiping.
  • By phone: Call 1-800-576-4377 (Kroger). Please have your card number and PIN ready when calling from outside of the United States or Canada.

Can I Link Two Kroger Plus Cards To My Kroger Account?

You can link two Kroger Plus Cards to your Kroger account. This is a great way to build up rewards or cash back. You can do this by visiting the Kroger website.

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Step to know how to link two Kroger Plus Cards:

  • Log into your account at Kroger.com
  • Click on ‘My Account’ in the top navigation bar.
  • Click on ‘Manage Your Account’ in the left-hand side menu.
  • Click on ‘Link Cards’ under ‘Kroger Account Management’ section.
  • Enter your first Kroger Plus Card number and then click ‘Verify Number’ to check if it is valid or not; if it is valid, click ‘Continue’ to go to next step; otherwise, click ‘Try Again’ to try again with another number until it is valid.
  • Enter your second Kroger Plus Card number and then click ‘Verify Number’ to check if it is valid or not; if it is valid, click ‘Continue’ to go to next step; otherwise, click ‘Try Again’ to try again with another number until it is valid.

How Can I Find What Phone Number Is On My Kroger Plus Card?

You can find the phone number on Kroger Plus Card by logging into your online account. If you have trouble logging in, you can call customer service at 1-800-576-4377 and ask them to provide the information over the phone.

The first time you call this number, a representative will ask for your name and address. They will then ask for the last four digits of the credit or debit card associated with the Kroger Plus Card account. After you give them this information, they will tell you what phone number is associated with your card.

How To Link My Kroger Plus Card To Ibotta Account?

To link your Kroger card to your Ibotta account follow the steps given here:

  • First download the Ibotta app.
  • Next, open it and sign in with your email address and password.
  • Later, click on “My Account” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Next, click on “Link Your Loyalty Cards”.
  • Then select “Add Loyalty Card”.
  • Type in your loyalty card number and zip code exactly as they appear on your loyalty card (it will be 9 digits long).
  • Click “Add Loyalty Card” after typing in all 9 digits correctly.

You now have linked your Kroger card to your Ibotta account! Now every time you shop at a Kroger store with this same loyalty card number, you will earn cash back automatically when checking out with Ibotta!

Can I Add My Kroger Plus Card To Instacart?

You can add your Kroger card to Instacart in a few easy steps:

  • Sign up for Instacart with your email address.
  • Add your Kroger card number and PIN. You can find this information on the back of your Kroger Plus card.
  • Download the Instacart app on your phone or tablet and start shopping!
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What Gas Stations Take Kroger Plus Cards?

Kroger gas stations are located all over the United States, but not all of them accept the Kroger fuel card. If you’re planning a road trip and want to use your Kroger fuel card, be sure to check before you leave home.

Kroger Fuel Rewards is a loyalty program where you earn fuel points when you shop at Kroger, use your Kroger Plus card, and pay with your Kroger credit card. You can redeem your points for gas rewards or money off groceries.

You can redeem rewards at participating Kroger fuel stations or online at the Fuel Rewards Center. You can also use your rewards to save $0.05 per gallon on fuel purchased at non-participating stations that accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® credit cards.


The Kroger Plus Card allows you to take advantage of the discounts and benefits provided by your local Kroger-owned store.

FAQ’s About What Is Kroger Plus Card And How Does It Work?

What Is The Purpose Of The Kroger Plus Card?

The purpose of the Kroger Plus card is to reward customers for shopping at their stores

What Is The Plus Perks Program?

The Plus Perks program is a way for you to earn points when shopping at Kroger stores.

How Do I Earn Points?

Members will receive 1 point per $1 spent on qualifying purchases when they use their Plus Card at participating Kroger locations in the United States.

How long does it take to receive my Kroger Plus card in the mail?

If you get a new card, it may take up to 10 days before it arrives in the mail.

Can someone else use my account number?

No, each member can only use their own personal account number when shopping at any store location

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