How To Price Match On Target App? (Eligibility, Process)

The Target app offers a great deal of ways to save money. The store’s price-matching policy is one of the best features of all. It allows you to scan an item in the store, and then find it for less somewhere else. If the new price is lower than Target’s current price, you can get a refund for the difference.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Target app on your phone, and tap “Shop Now.”
  • Tap “My Cart” in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down until you see “Payment Information,” then tap on that section of your screen.
  • Tap “View Rewards.” This will take you to your Rewards Profile screen, where you can view your balance, add points and redeem rewards when necessary (more on this in a moment).
  • Scroll down until you see “Price Match Guarantee” at the bottom of this search results page and tap on it once again!

Is It Possible To Price Match On The Target App?

You can use the Target app to price match many items in their store, but it does not work for all products. The best thing about using the app is that it saves time and you don’t have to stand in line at customer service.

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How To Price Match On Target App? (Eligibility, Process)

Just open up the app on your phone, search for the product, select it and scan the barcode. If there are multiple stores close by, you will be given an option to select one of them and make your purchase.

How Do You Know If A Product Is Eligible For The Price Match?

If a product is eligible for a price match, you’ll see the “Price Match” feature on the product page.

To get started, find the item you want to price match and click on its “Buy Now” button. This will take you to the product’s page where you can see all of the details about this particular item. Look for a “Price Match” icon near the top of the screen:

  • If there’s no icon, then that means the item isn’t eligible for price matching. If there is an icon, it will say whether or not it can be price matched:
  • If an item has been discontinued and cannot be restocked (or has been marked as out of stock), then it won’t be able to be price matched either.
  • If your product is eligible for price matching, just enter the competitor’s name into our search bar and click “search”.
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What Is A Price Match?

A price match is a guarantee that you can buy an item at the same price, or less, from another retailer. If you find an item for less at another store, you can bring it in and have us match the price.

The best way to find out if a company has a price match policy is to ask. When you’re in the store, ask an associate about their policy and if they offer a price adjustment on items purchased within the last 30 days. If you purchase online, most sites will have a section on their website or customer service page that outlines their policy.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For A Price Match On Target App?

Target’s price match policy is simple and easy to understand. If you see a lower price at another store, show the cashier the original printed Target receipt, and then tell them about the better deal. The cashier will take care of everything else for you.

The Target app has made it even easier to find out if you qualify for a price match or not. It’s also a great way to get some insight into what prices are available at other stores!

Here’s how to use the Target app to find out if you qualify for a price match:

  • Sign up for an account with your email address or phone number (or do this later).
  • Download the free Target app from Google Play or iTunes.
  • Open the app and log in using your email address or phone number.

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