Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice? (Types, Price, Quality)

Costco is one of the most popular places to buy ice bags in bulk. It’s no surprise that Costco sells bags of ice at its stores. You can find them in the freezer section next to the other bags of ice. You can also purchase them online at The best part about buying bags of ice from Costco is that they are very affordable compared to other options on the market today.

What Are The Steps To Buying Bags Of Ice At Costco? What’s The Best Way To Get A Bag Of Ice?

If you’ve never bought bags of ice at Costco before, it can be a bit confusing. There’s so much to see and do, but don’t worry — we’re here to help.

Here are the steps to buying bags of ice at Costco:

  • Find the right section (it’s not always in the back).
  • Look for the pallets of ice with signs that say “Bags of Ice.”
  • Pick up your desired size. You can choose from 5-lb, 10-lb and 25-lb bags.

What Is The Price Of The Bags Of Ice At Costco? Can You Buy More?

The price of a bag of ice at Costco varies from store to store, but it is usually around $5 per bag. The price can be higher or lower depending on where you live, but the average price is about $5 per bag.

They sell both small and large sized bags of ice at Costco stores. They even sell bags that are half-sized so that customers don’t have to purchase two full-sized bags to fill their cooler properly. This helps customers save money while still getting what they want out of their store visit!

Is There A Limit To How Much Ice You Can Buy At One Time?

There are no limits on how much ice you can buy at one time. You can buy as much as you want.

Ice is measured in pounds, not gallons. So if your ice machine produces 1 lb of ice every 10 minutes (a pretty standard rate), and you have a 100 lb bag of ice sitting on the floor next to your machine, it will take you 10 hours to fill up that bag of ice. That’s assuming no downtime for maintenance or repairs and assuming the machine doesn’t break down at all during this time period.

It also assumes the machine has no other problems besides needing more water added occasionally (which is normal) and needing its bin emptied occasionally (also normal). If any of those things happen during that 10 hour period, it will take even longer to fill up that 100 lb bag of ice.

Do Costco Have Any Deals And Discount On Purchasing Bags Of Ice?

If you are looking for some deals and discounts on purchasing bags of ice then you can visit Costco. Here are some of the best deals and discounts available at Costco.

  • If you purchase a case of bag of ice then you will get 10% discount on it.
  • If you purchase a case of bag of ice then there will be no delivery charges applied to it.
  • You can also get 5% discount on purchasing two cases of bags of ice at once from Costco if you have an executive membership with them or else there will be some additional delivery charges applied to it as well as other terms and conditions apply on this offer as well but it has been made available for those who have an executive membership with them and who want to purchase two cases of bags at once from Costco without paying any additional charges for delivery charges or anything like that so it is a great offer if you have an executive membership
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What Are The Types Of Bags Of Ice That You Sell At Costco?

The types of bags that are sold at Costco include:

Large Ice BagsThese are usually the most popular type of bags because they come in large sizes and can hold up to 80 pounds of ice! They’re great for parties or other special occasions where there’s going to be a lot of people around. If you have an event coming up soon, make sure that you get one of these bags so that everyone can have enough drinks!

Smaller Ice BagsThese smaller bags aren’t quite as big as the larger ones but they will still hold plenty of ice for whatever occasion that you need it for. They’re perfect if you just need some extra ice for drinks or if someone has spilled something on their clothing and needs something cold to put on it immediately!


If you want to get your hands on some bags of ice at Costco, just ask one of their employees to help you find them. They’ll be happy to help out, and then you can go on your merry way with some delicious, refreshing ice in hand!

FAQ’s About Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice?

Is this product safe?

Yes! The bags are made from FDA-approved material that is safe for food storage, cooking, and freezing. They are also dishwasher safe so you can clean them easily after use.

How long do the bags last in freezer?

The bags will last up to 6 months in your freezer when properly stored. If they are kept at room temperature they will last up to 2 months.

What is the difference between ice cubes and crushed ice?

Crushed ice will melt faster than cubes because it has more surface area exposed to the air. This means that you should use crushed ice when serving drinks, or if you want to keep food cool for a shorter period of time.

Is it safe to eat Costco Sell Bags Of Ice?

Yes! All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients and meet all government standards. We also use equipment that is dedicated to making our food products so they don’t get mixed up with other items in the warehouse.

Is there a maximum amount I can buy at one time?

No, there’s no limit on how much ice you can purchase from us! However, we do ask that you order at least 3 bags at a time so that your order can be filled efficiently and accurately.

Can I earn money selling bags of ice at Costco?

Yes, you can earn money selling bags of ice at Costco. The company pays you 75% of the retail price.

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