Do You Tip Best Buy Delivery Drivers, Installers & Geek Squad?

If you’ve ever purchased a computer or home appliance from Best Buy and had it delivered to your home, you may have been asked if you wanted to tip the driver. It may seem strange at first but once you get used to it, tipping a Best Buy delivery driver is an easy way to show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Best Buy delivery drivers are contracted through third party companies such as UPS or FedEx and not directly employed by Best Buy. However, the company does offer its own installation services for certain items like TVs and appliances that come with free installation but require professional help. This is where Geek Squad comes in.

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Installers?

Best Buy employees are paid hourly wages and do not receive tips, according to a company spokeswoman. However, she said, “There is no expectation that employees should or would receive tips.”

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She also said that Best Buy does not require its employees to accept gratuities from customers, but if they do accept them, they’re supposed to report them as income on their taxes.

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Geek Squad?

Yes. If you have ever used the expertise of Best Buy Geek Squad to install your new TV, or repair your computer, you should tip them. This is especially true if they did a good job or went above and beyond what was expected.

Also, it depends on how much you paid for the service and how well it went. If there was an issue with the work done, then it’s probably not a good idea to tip at all because that would be rewarding bad behavior. However, if you feel like your Geek Squad agent really went above and beyond the call of duty and provided excellent service, then it would be appropriate to tip them accordingly.

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Do Best Buy Delivery Drivers Accept Tips?

Best Buy delivery drivers are paid a salary and do not accept tips. They do not have the freedom to accept or decline tips. However, if you want to show your appreciation for the service provided by Best Buy delivery drivers, feel free to leave a tip in cash, but note that it will be given back to them as part of their earnings.

If you would like to give something more personal or memorable as a gift, consider purchasing it from their wish list on or

Can Best Buy Employees Take Tips?

Yes, employees at Best Buy can take tips. Many restaurants and other businesses have tipping policies in place for their employees. It is not required for them to accept tips but it is appreciated if they do. The amount that can be accepted varies from business to business but should fall within the range of 15-20 percent of the bill or their wages if they are paid hourly.

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Some states have laws against allowing employers to receive tips because it allows them to pay less than minimum wage, which is illegal in most states. However, many states allow retailers such as Best Buy to accept tips if they are not considered part of an employee’s wages.

This means that if an employee makes $10 an hour and receives a $5 tip on top of that, he would only be making $15 an hour rather than $10 when you add in the tip amount he received at work that day.

Does Best Buy Install Appliances For Free?

Yes, Best Buy does offer free appliance installation for most major appliances. The company’s free installation service is available on major appliances that cost more than $299 and have a manufacturer’s warranty. Best Buy can also install some smaller appliances, such as microwaves and dishwashers, but there may be a charge for these services.

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