Who Wrote The Mcdonald’s Jingle? I’m Lovin’ It Song Composer

Did you know that McDonald’s has a jingle?

It’s true. The famous “I’m Lovin’ It” song is actually the brainchild of composer Steve Greenberg, who wrote it in 2003. The song was originally intended for another fast-food chain, but they didn’t like it and passed on it. So Greenberg took the tune and made some tweaks to it—adding in some french horns, changing the key from C to G—and sent it back to McDonald’s, who loved it!

The rest is history: the jingle became an instant hit with people of all ages, and even today you can still hear it playing in every McDonald’s restaurant around the world.

Who Wrote The Mcdonald’s Jingle? I’m Lovin’ It Song Composer

The McDonald’s Jingle was written by Robert E. Schmitz, a songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He wrote it for $50 in 1955, and it was first played in McDonald’s restaurants on May 17th of that year.

The jingle became very popular and has been played in McDonald’s restaurants ever since.

Why did they write this Mcdonald’s Jingle?

The McDonald’s jingle was written in 1963 by composer Ray Gilbert. He was inspired to write the song after hearing the McDonald brothers sing their early versions of the song as they were driving around San Bernardino, California. The brothers had been singing a tune that they had composed that they called “The Burger King.”

Ray Gilbert liked the tune so much that he decided to write lyrics for it and turn it into an advertising jingle. He submitted his version to the McDonald brothers, who preferred his lyrics over their own and decided to use them instead.

The jingle was first played on television in 1965 when McDonald’s aired its first television commercial featuring the song.

How long has the jingle been around?

The McDonald’s jingle has been around since 1972. At the time, it was created by a songwriter named Barry Coffing who was working at Bell-Jeff Music in California. The original jingle was written for $2 and featured a girl named Patty Larkin singing it.

The jingle’s lyrics were later changed to reflect the fact that McDonald’s had started serving breakfast items at some locations, so Coffing got another composer, Larry Loeb, involved to help revise the lyrics for this newer version of the jingle:

How did they come up with the lyrics? Song Writer

McDonald’s wrote their jingle in 1969, and it was used in both television and radio ads. The jingle was written by a team that included:

  • Dick Reynolds, who had previously written jingles for other companies like Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup Company
  • Ronald Mackay, who had previously worked on the McDonald’s account at Leo Burnett Advertising
  • Bill Backer (who later created the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” Coca-Cola ad)
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Who was their audience? What inspired to Write mcdonald’s Jingle?

The McDonald’s jingle is a catchy tune that has been used in advertisements since 1971. It was created by the advertising agency Needham, Harper & Steers.

The jingle was inspired by a song called “Look for the Silver Lining,” and it was originally meant to be used in print ads. The idea behind the jingle was to make consumers feel positive about McDonald’s and its food—a departure from previous advertising campaigns that had focused more on the company’s fast-food business model and its low prices.

The jingle was first released in 1971, along with an animated commercial featuring anthropomorphic hamburgers and fries singing along. The commercial was produced by Sid Laverents, who later went on to produce animated films like “101 Dalmatians” (1961) and “The Aristocats” (1970).


Who Wrote The Mcdonald’s Jingle?

The McDonald’s jingle was written by a man named Louis C. Singer in 1962. The song was based on an older song called “You’re My Sunshine,” which was written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1939.

What are the lyrics to the McDonald’s jingle?

“I’m lovin’ it, I’m lovin’ it.”

How many words are in the McDonald’s jingle?

The McDonald’s jingle has a total of six words.
The McDonald’s jingle is sung by Ronald McDonald and contains the following lyrics: “I’m lovin’ it! I’m lovin’ it! I’m lovin’ it! I’m lovin’ it! I’m lovin’ it!”

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What is the length of the McDonald’s jingle?

The original version was only 30 seconds long, but it was subsequently lengthened to 50 seconds and then 60 seconds.

How many bars in the McDonald’s jingle?

The answer is 8. The first line has two bars, and each subsequent line has one more than the last. It’s super easy to count them:

How many beats per bar in the McDonald’s jingle?

The McDonald’s jingle has 5 beats per bar.

How did the McDonald’s jingle come to be?

The McDonald’s jingle was written by a man named Don Geller. He wrote the jingle in 1961 and it was used from 1961 to 1967.

Is there a specific reason why the song is so catchy?

I think the song is catchy because it’s simple and repetitive. The tune is just based on a few notes, which makes it easy to remember and hum along with. The lyrics are also simple and catchy: “You deserve a break today.”

Why is it at the end of every commercial?

Yes! So, if you want to make sure people remember your company, having a catchy jingle that promotes your business is a great way to go about doing so!

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