Does Publix Sell Visa Gift Cards? (Cost, Online, Return, Expire)

Visa Gift Cards can be used at thousands of locations, including grocery stores and drug stores. With a Visa Gift Card, you can make purchases wherever Visa Debit cards or Interlink Debit Master Cards are accepted. Here Queryreview will discuss about Visa gift cards at Publix.

Visa Gift Cards at Publix purchased through Pos machine at the store.
Visa Gift Cards at Publix purchased through Pos machine at the store.

Does Publix Sell Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, Publix does sell Visa gift cards. You can use the Visa gift card to purchase products at any of the more than 1,100 Publix grocery stores in Florida and Georgia, or online at

Visa gift cards are also available at other retailers like CVS Pharmacy and Walmart. You can use a Visa gift card anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, including online shopping sites like Amazon.

Visa gift cards come in different amounts — from $25 to $500 — so you can get one for anyone on your list this holiday season.

The only downside is that there’s no way to earn rewards with these cards (like with a rewards credit card), but if you’re looking for an easy present idea that won’t break the bank, these make great gifts for anyone who likes to shop!

How Much Does Publix Charge For A Visa Gift Card?

There are a lot of different gift cards available at Publix. You can buy Visa Gift Cards in denominations ranging from $10 to $500, MasterCard Gift Cards in denominations ranging from $25 to $500, and American Express Gift Cards in denominations of $50 to $200.

Visa Gift Cards can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa debit cards. MasterCard and American Express gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts those cards as payment.

Publix charges a fee for all three kinds of gift cards: up to $3.95 for Visa, up to $4.95 for MasterCard and up to $5.95 for American Express.

You can buy these gift cards with cash or check at any Publix location or by phone toll-free at 1-888-742-7728 or online through Publix’s website using the “Order Now” link on their home page (

Does Publix Sell Visa Gift Cards Online?

Yes, Publix sells Visa gift cards online. You can buy them in-store or online. You can also find them at other retailers like Walgreens and CVS.

Publix began selling Visa gift cards online in July 2017, but only for in-store pickup purposes. In January 2018, they started selling Visa gift card online for delivery too.

You can purchase the following denominations: $25, $50, $100 and $200. The maximum amount per order is $1,000. You can buy multiple cards at once as long as the total does not exceed $1,000 or the maximum number of cards allowed per person (5).

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a visa gift card from Publix.

Can You Return A Visa Gift Card To Publix After Purchase?

If you have a Visa gift card, it’s important to know if you can return it to Publix after purchase. Most stores accept returns on gift cards, but there are some exceptions. For example, many stores will not accept returns on prepaid debit cards and gift cards that were purchased at another store. If you’re not sure whether your Visa gift card can be returned to Publix after purchase, check with the store’s customer service department before returning it.

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You can typically return a Visa gift card to Publix for cash or store credit. The amount of money or store credit that you receive varies by location and the type of card that you have. Some locations only give cash back for Visa gift cards while others don’t offer any kind of refund at all. For example, if you have a Visa gift card from a bank other than Publix, you won’t be able to return it at all because banks aren’t required to honor each other’s cards unless they specifically agree otherwise in writing beforehand.

Do Visa Gift Cards Expire After Purchase From Publix?

Visa gift cards do not expire. However, there are some limitations. You can use the card to make purchases from any merchant that accepts Visa debit or credit cards and the card has no pre-set spending limit.

You cannot use the card to withdraw cash at an ATM or buy money orders. The card is not reloadable once it is depleted of funds. The card will also not work if it is lost or stolen because it has no PIN number associated with it.

If you have additional questions regarding your Visa gift card, please contact Publix Customer Service at 1-800-242-1227


Visa Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts from $25 to $500 , with no fees or expiration dates. You can buy Visa Gift Cards at many grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide, including Publix Super Markets. For any questions about our Queryreview article comment down below.

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FAQ’s About Visa Gift Cards At Publix

What if I want to buy a gift card for someone who does not have a Publix Advantage Card?

You can purchase a Visa Gift Card for any amount in any Publix store. The card is good anywhere Visa is accepted.

How much does it cost to buy a Visa gift card?

Publix charges a fee for all three kinds of gift cards: up to $3.95 for Visa, up to $4.95 for MasterCard and up to $5.95 for American Express.

Can I use my Publix Advantage Card to pay for my purchase of a Visa Gift Card?

No, unfortunately you cannot use your Publix Advantage Card for this purchase. You can only use cash or check to pay for your Visa Gift Card purchase. You may also use another form of payment if you prefer not to use cash or check (such as a debit/credit card).

What is the maximum balance that can be loaded on a Visa Gift Card?

There is no maximum balance limit on a Visa Gift Card. You can load as much money as you want onto the card.

How do I add money to my Visa Gift Card?

You can add funds at any Publix register by swiping your debit or credit card or using cash. Or, you can go online to add money through an electronic check payment from your checking account or savings account (ACH). The minimum amount to reload is $10, and the maximum amount is $500 per day. There are no fees for adding funds online.

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