What Is The Costco Shoplifting Policy? (Rules & Regulations, Fines, FAQ’s)

Costco has a shoplifting policy that is designed to ensure that all customers can feel safe and comfortable in their stores. Costco provides a variety of services for its members, including an inventory check system, which allows them to check the inventory of any item they purchase, as well as an electronic article surveillance system (EAS), which uses sensors to detect metal objects on a person’s body.

What Is The Costco Shoplifting Policy? How Does Costco Handle Shoplifters?

If you’ve been caught shoplifting at Costco, you’re likely to be banned from the store permanently and possibly even face criminal charges. In addition, if you’re caught stealing from Costco, your credit card will be charged for the stolen merchandise plus any damages sustained during the theft.

According to Costco’s website, its policy on shoplifting is as follows: “Costco’s policy is not to press criminal charges against minors who have committed petty theft or shoplifting.” However, this is only true for minor offenses where no one has been injured and there was no intent to cause harm or damage property.

If someone does steal from you at Costco and you want to press charges against them, you need to fill out an incident report with security immediately after it happens.

How Much Are Fines For Shoplifting At Costco?

The fine for shoplifting at Costco varies depending on the value of the stolen merchandise and how many times you’ve been caught doing it before. Here are some examples:

$1 – $49: $100 fine; 90 day suspension from store; must complete an online education course (within 30 days)

$50 – $99: $200 fine; 180 day suspension from store; must complete an online education course (within 30 days)

$100 – $499: $500 fine; 1 year suspension from store; must complete an online education course (within 30 days)

$500+: $750 fine; 2 year suspension from store

What Happens When Someone Is Caught Shoplifting At Costco?

Shoplifting at Costco is a serious offense that can result in a permanent ban from the store. The retailer’s philosophy is to “take care of our own,” meaning that security guards are instructed to call the police if they feel someone is trying to steal something.

Costco has some of the strictest anti-theft policies in retailing, but it also believes there are better ways to deal with shoplifters than calling the police. When customers are caught stealing, they’re often banned from returning to any Costco location.

Can Someone Be Charged With A Misdemeanor For Shoplifting At Costco?

Shoplifting at Costco can be charged as a misdemeanor. If you are caught shoplifting at Costco, and it is your first offense, you will likely be given a chance to pay for the items you attempted to steal and then leave without being arrested. However, if you are caught shoplifting on two separate occasions at the same store within a year, you may be charged with a misdemeanor.

Can You Get Arrested For Shoplifting From Costco?

Shoplifting from Costco is different than shoplifting from other stores because Costco has private security guards who patrol the store and make arrests on behalf of local law enforcement agencies. You may also be arrested if you try to leave the store without paying for your purchase.

In most cases, Costco will not call the police unless they believe that there was intent to steal merchandise or if someone refuses to pay for their purchase after being asked multiple times by store employees.


If a member is found to have shoplifted from Costco, the corporation will notify local law enforcement and press charges against them. The member will also be banned from returning to any Costco location in the United States or Canada. Costco has security cameras throughout its stores that record all activity on the premises, including exit doors and parking lots.

FAQ’s About Costco Shoplifting Policy

What is Costco’s shoplifting policy?

Costco is a membership warehouse club that sells a variety of products, including groceries and electronics. The retail giant has a strict no-shoplifting policy that includes the use of electronic tags to monitor products.

What happens if I am caught shoplifting at Costco?

If you are caught shoplifting at Costco, the store will contact local law enforcement to handle your case.

How do I prevent being caught shoplifting at Costco?

The best way to avoid being caught shoplifting at Costco is to avoid stealing items altogether. However, sometimes it can be difficult not to take advantage of the low prices offered by this store.

How much does it cost to shoplift from Costco?

The price for stealing from Costco varies depending on what you are trying to steal and how much of it you have taken.

Can Costco ban me for life?

Yes. The company can permanently ban people for shoplifting on their first offense.

I am a Costco member, and I have heard that if you shoplift at Costco, they will call the police on you. Is that true?

No. We do not call the police. If we see a shoplifter in our stores, we will detain them until police arrive. In some cases we may even wait for the police to arrive before speaking with them depending on the circumstances of each situation.

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